TSIPRAS ALARM!!! Tsipras hails ‘historic’ moment as he is elected leader of unified SYRIZA!!!

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@L0gg0l Spain & Portugal are sort of “priced in” -> where Tsipras is a real “black swan”, I tell you. #Greece

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Guess who is back?! Tsipras -> now elected as SYRIZA president >>> Euro gonna crash now

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#EURUSD goes to LOD on news from Portugal govt, Spain Rajoy, Cyprus (Moody’s & exit), Germany, France. Tell me why I don’t like Mondays.

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GREEK MARKET DROPS TO YEAR’S LOW -> This is how the Greek market welcomes Tsipras

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@EuroWadhwa an uncontrolled exit or break of the Euro ccy! In the first place they want a treaty change where it is allowed to exit!

Tsipras hails ‘historic’ moment as he is elected leader of unified SYRIZA

Almost three quarters of the delegates at SYRIZA’s founding congress elected Alexis Tsipras as the party’s leader on Sunday after deciding to unite the coalition as one party and create a centralized decision-making process aimed at helping the leftists win the next elections.

Tsipras hailed the congress and his re-election at the helm of SYRIZA as a significant moment in Greek leftist politics.

“Three and a half thousand delegates from all over Greece have put their stamp on the birth of something new following an open and lively discussion,” said the 38-year-old, who received 74.08 percent of the vote. About 20 percent of delegates cast blank votes.

“We made a historic step, from tomorrow we set out on the road to victory more united and stronger than ever so we can stop the social destruction and rebuild Greece,” added Tsipras.