Turkey MSM Sounds Alarm: Mid-East Regional War Imminent!

Getting ready for a possible regional war

Today, I would like to highlight the impending dangers in the Middle East and “toll the alarm bells.”

We have had so many inner fights and wasted so much time in the vicious corridors of interior policies that we cannot see the things around us. However, the condition is really critical.

Everyone is in fear except us. We, on the other hand, pay no attention. However, we have to show concern and be alert.

The Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) must get ready. The economy must get ready.

We are in the middle of such a hot spot that escaping it will not be easy. Over the next 10-15 years, we will experience huge crises and one or several wars. We don’t have any other solutions than making plans to protect ourselves from such a hot spot.


SYRIA, IRAQ, IRAN, EGYPT, PALESTINE all ready to explode.

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Israel to host hundreds of foreign fighter pilots in largest ever multinational exercise

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REPORT: The West Confirms Chemical Weapons Are Being Used Against Syrian Rebels

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Syrian opposition claims it can produce, use chemical weapons


Israeli officials have been holding talks in Jordan with Syrian opposition officials “in advance of a possible Israeli-U.S. operation in Syria to protect the Golan Heights,” Western intelligence sources reported Tuesday, Jan. 1. There was no further information about this operation or how rebel commanders were involved in military plans “to protect the Golan Heights.”



– DB


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