Twenty great books every trader should know And two you might want to avoid…

From bclund:

… Books are good for a general overview of the markets and trading concepts, trader biographies, anecdotal stories, and trading psychology, but by the very nature of their format, they are too limited and not dynamic enough to be relevant for very long.

Use them for a foundation, for ideas, but mostly for enjoyment. I think you will find that your trading will drastically improve that day you decided to stop looking for the latest trading book, and “write your own book” on trading.

As with every list, there will be disagreements. “Why is that book on the list?” “Why isn’t that book on the list?” I picked 20 books that stood out for me as a trader, that were a value add (or a value loss) for one reason or another. That doesn’t even have to mean that they are about trading.

For example, the “General Interest” section is made up of books that I think appeal to a trader’s mindset.

With that in mind, feel free to…

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