Two American Vets of War went to Syria…and now U.S. government calls them traitors.

John McCainistan also went and we all know he’s always been a deepstate/MIC traitor

Every time he goes he returns with pictures of him and his buddies in isis, and narrowly escapes the “terror attacks” that soon follow his leave.

This is who in the government is calling Tulsi a traitor:


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  • Lophatt

    You may want to ask yourself; “who are they representing”, Congress (ha!) that is. I didn’t ask them to hate Russia or Syria or Iran, etc.. So, could it be that they represent the New World Odor? I doubt that many are writing them asking them to insult their colleagues for straying from the NWO path.

    It is long past time for these traitorous bums to be torn from office and chased through the streets. They are cocky in their arrogance. They think the likes of Soros and Rothschild will protect them. When that no longer works they will have a rude awakening.

  • desertspeaks

    gabbard appears to be the only human being in the government!