U.S. Default VS. Raising Debt Ceiling: INEVITABLE Economic Collapse Either Way – BrotherJohnF Interviewed by Elijah Johnson

*New Chairman of the Federal Reserve – But “No Change” in Policy (00:26)
*The Secret Origins of the Federal Reserve & the Disaster The Fed has Created (3:23)
*Crisis & Increase in Fed’s Money Printing (5:09)
*U.S. Default VS. Raising Debt Ceiling “is Propaganda” – (6:12)
*Inevitable Economic Collapse – (8:08)
*Rating Agencies Afraid to Downgrade U.S. Debt? – (10:20)
*Chinese Government is a Net-Seller of U.S. Debt and Buying Gold Hand Over Fist – (12:00)
*Will Gold & Silver be Affected by Debt Ceiling Increase? – (13:38)
*CFTC Says Not Enough Evidence for Silver Manipulation, What Does BrotherJohnF Think of This? – (15:25)
*U.S. Government Can’t Arrest Itself – (17:31)
*Why Obama Care Is a “Complete and Utter Disaster” – (18:30)
*How Long Will The Government Shutdown Last? – (20:30)

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