Bureaucrats from around the world will gather behind closed doors in Dubai next week to plot an end to the Internet as we know it — or so Washington would have you believe.

Hill lawmakers warn that the 120-plus U.S. delegation needs to fend off efforts by China, Russia and developing nations to use a United Nations branch organization to censor or tax the Net. Google is orchestrating an online petition drive, and even Grover Norquist is involved.

The hype is a perfect storm for Matt Drudge: The U.N. will take over the Internet — unless you act fast.

“It was very important for the United States to send a shot across the bow and let countries like China and Russia know that we are onto the games they’re trying to play,” said Rep. Mary Bono Mack (R-Calif.), who led a successful effort to pass a resolution against the interference in August. Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) backed a companion measure in the Senate.

Read more: http://www.politico.com/story/2012/12/the-plot-against-the-internet-84468.html#ixzz2DsSWMWBG


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  • Brett M.

    If the days of today would go back to the pre-Internet days, I wouldn’t be exactly shedding tears. Most situations like this can be answered by one simple questions. “If you had the final say so, what would the policy of the situations be”?. Well, I would say keep the Internet the way it is but only for information and communication purposes. No financial purposes would be allowed on the Internet. For instance, physical stores would hire more people, because big name stores can surpass 1,000 employs at each store at 5,000 stores around the United States. With this example alone, that comes out to 5,000,000 people employed. That’s five million ladies and gentlemen. That company’s website, may employ 1,000 employees in their online devision but… that is it, only one thousand. Keep the interrnet for Skype, Email, News, Weather, Stock Information (even that will empower brokers to go back into business), Sports Scores, Vacation Destination (again, travel agents will be back in business) ideas. That would eliminate 90% of viruses because there is no finacial gain in creating malware or viruses. It’s only purpose would be to discredit another human being in which face to face communication with anyone important would resolve that issue. I know it’s hard to remember the days before the Internet but prior to the Internet days, if one wanted to take down a multi-billion dollar company, they had to be somebody, a CEO, CFO, Manager, etc. Now all someone needs is a moderate knowledge of coding and a computer to hack into bank accounts and what-not!