U.S. may have accidentally helped to start Falklands war by encouraging Argentinians to invade island, admits ex-CIA chief

  • CIA boss William Casey voiced concerns over Argentina’s confidence in US
  • Washington admitted they might have inadvertently encouraged Argentina


The Americans admitted they may have inadvertently encouraged the Argentinians to invade the Falkland Islands, it emerged last night.

The former head of the CIA privately confessed that Argentina may wrongly have believed its  support for US covert operations in Central  America would mean Washington’s ‘acquiescence’ for the 1982 invasion.

In fact, despite friction between London and Washington, the Pentagon provided vital behind-the-scenes support for the British military to retake the islands.

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Classified: Former CIA chief William Casey pictured here with President Ronald Reagan, was concerned that the US might have given Argentina a false sense of security over the Falklands invasion

But newly declassified files reveal fears at the heart of US intelligence that a misunderstanding over US foreign policy could have led Buenos Aires to believe an invasion would not upset Washington.

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