U.S. officials have confirmed the existence of the secret program, code named PRISM… U.S. wants to destroy privacy worldwide…

U.S. is building a “massive” snooping apparatus committed to destroying privacy worldwide

“There is a massive apparatus within the United States government that with complete secrecy has been building this enormous structure that has only one goal, and that is to destroy privacy and anonymity, not just in the United States but around the world,” charged Glenn Greenwald, a reporter for the British newspaper “The Guardian,” speaking on CNN. “That is not hyperbole. That is their objective.”

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U.S. snooping revelations cause trouble for allies

U.S. officials have confirmed the existence of the secret program, code named PRISM, which according to documents leaked to the Washington Post and Britain’s Guardian newspaper has given them access to emails, web chats and other communications from companies such as Google, Facebook, Twitter and Skype.


Few options for online users to avoid spying, experts say 

The reality is that your personal information isn’t just shared with the government, but also sold to third parties such as online advertisers and app developers, said Jeffrey Chester, the executive director of the nonprofit Center for Digital Democracy in Washington. It’s all there in the privacy policy you probably didn’t read when you signed up for Facebook or Gmail.

“We’ve crossed a digital Rubicon here; there’s no going back,” Chester said. “Big data is ruling our lives, and the big question is whether there will be any kind of limits here, protecting our consumer information and our democratic right to privacy.”



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