U.S plans MASS EXECUTIONS- If we don’t stop WW3 its over

The duplicity of the U.S Government is blatant. They are provocking, not ww3, but mankinds annihilation with WW3. This video shows what the U.S. is doing to make ww3 start the death in mass all over the world. ww3 will just be the beginning. Please helgetting this message out. It is easier to stop ww3 now then after it begins. Stop ww3.


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  • Arizona

    In a vision from the LORD, we were being chased thru the forest,BY CHINESE military troops,THE LORD has been warning OBOOZO is going to nuke chicago,YOU can see he wants to start a war with the american people, so he can SIC homeland securety on them,BUT worse of all, the good red neck law abiding citizens will help kill their own family,and help them into the fema trucks,THE FOOD WAREHOUSES around america are being emptyed out and most of the food is being taken to the LANDFILLS and being burned by DHS,the LORD says a FAMINE IS GOING TO COME ON AMERICA and it will be the worst FAMINE the worlds ever seen,and no one I talk to cares,they ALL believe OBOOZO will save them,so get ready, america is about to be NUKED by our own government…and DON’T take THE MARK OF THE BEAST if they catch you in a road block or somewhere…………and don’t give up the LORD says WE WIN this WAR………..

  • Arizona

    IN a vision from the LORD ,I saw a RED DAWN attack on america,they couldn’t get the guns,SO they went to the schools and kidnapped ALL the children ,and then called the parents and demanded a deal YOUR GUNS,FOR YOUR KIDS BACK,but they have no intentions of giving the children back ,and PLAN to arrest the parents and take them to a fema death camp and kill them,THEY SOLD THE CHILDREN TO CHINA,and their military will be on hand when parents go to the schools,DO NOT GO TO THE SCHOOLS “BY YOUR SELF” take your friends and your best BATTLE RIFLES,and remember the police gangs will be helping them….they have SOLD YOU OUT…..don’t forget it either….THERES A SHIT STORM COMING, if your blind ,get out of the way,you weren’t needed anyway…….stock up on supplies or starve…your choice………….

  • Arizona

    TO you who are BLIND,go back to bed,TO YOU WHO ARE AWAKE,your about to be in a WAR,GET READY NOW, your out of time,wake up your neighbors if you can,other wise they’re going to die,this will be a BLOODBATH because most americans are either stupid or blind or both,their going to use sarin gas on everyone,any low clouds or colored mist in the air ,take cover,and put on your gas masks,KEEP your radiation pills handy,and keep an eye on your meter,they will nuke all the big cities,try to find a place underground to hide in from the drones,THE RUSSIANS have the best night gear,and that badge on their shoulder tells the drones to pass you by……………