U.S SOLDIERS Expose Obama Martial Law Agenda Plans 2013! (SHARE)

Obama to impose martial law during civil unrest in america MUST SEE!! Get ready!


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  • Johnny Shiloh

    Wish I could give that black solder at the beginning a big hug!

    • Mister Jimmy

      He isn’t a soldier. I like what he said too, however. He’s got facial hair. Soldiers aren’t allowed to have facial hair.

      • milkful120

        if he is special forces, yes, he can.

        • Mister Jimmy

          He is represented as being a ‘marine.’ PS I live near Ft. Stewart and have never seen a SF with a full beard.

          • PJ London

            His name is
            Marine Sgt. Shamar Thomas
            He was newly completed his tour and is a veteran not serving.

      • dan

        CG can have beards…Submariners can have beards….
        people with shaving medical chits shave infrequently…

        • Mister Jimmy

          CG and Submariners aren’t ‘soldiers.’

          • dan

            lols….a breed apart ,to be certain

  • Bruce Stegiel

    There will not be martial law. There is no need for it. Martial law would simply create a response. Leaving things as they are works much better.

    • stonehillady

      China has plans for USA, your not aware of just yet……………..you might be right for they give your nation maybe another 3 months, when you markets & bonds default, remember you owe a lot of money to foreigners, they will need to collect what is due & your nation has given them your most treasured lands as collateral, for your treasury has no more Gold, then your Lights go out.

      • Andre Gillies

        I suggest you study economics. China needs the USA more than the USA needs China. With the stroke of a pen, all Chinese products could be heavily tariffed, forcing manufacture elsewhere and back the the USA. Without USA, China economy collapse in weeks.

        • stonehillady

          In 1933 we went bankrupt, laws changed, all deeds now state you are a tenant, even if you own your home outright, you don’t really own the land. For foreigners & the banks to lend us money, they need collateral, that is the land. So, if we go belly up, China and the banks will take your land, you are the collateral, our dollars are backed by our labour now instead of Gold, which FED’s say we don’t have it, it has been sold. That is what Dr. Paul was is so concerned about. China is no fool.

        • Smith

          There is an old saying: “If you owe me a thousand dollars you have a problem. If you owe me a million dollars I have a problem.”

          This is the relationship between the US and China.

          Remember that only customers create opportunity, jobs and wealth. No business is anything without someone to buy what they sell or make. BTW, shove this up the rear end of any one of those trickle down dullards. Rich people do not create jobs. People who buy things create jobs.

      • To Mama

        Stone Hill Lady,
        You must be writing from Israhell, on one of those hills you stole from the Palestinians. As far as our debts to foreigners, like your International Bankster Gangsters, they can take their bill and stick it where a duck can’t stick it’s bill. People make bad investments and bad loans everyday and don’t get paid back. Come and get it but just remember what is behind every blade of grass in this country. And yes, we know your boys in the Fed and Wall St. Robbed us of our gold, but we got surprises for you too.

  • Jesse Jones

    haha @brucestegiel:disqus it’s already in act.

  • wallry

    To those who think this is not real by now and haven’t connected the dots and haven’t been following the progression of corruption from the leaders and it’s offspring- this is real and it IS going to happen whether you believe it or not. Millions upon millions are going to die!
    Get your life right and together and find peace amongst the catastrophes that are coming, because the people will not unite, because they are blinded by the evil that comes and people continue to separate themselves with racism, material things, money, rich and poor, educated and uneducated- just as the leaders hope you will.

    Because they know the ultimate power of a united people can never be defeated.
    Future generations will read the history archives and wonder why the people did nothing to survive. They never fought back. They watched their movies, read about their movie stars lives, entertained themselves from a chair and never lifted an arm to defend what God had given to them freely.
    Perhaps this, is the way it is suppose to be..?

    • Jay

      For it is written, in the last days there shall be war and rumors of wars. People will be lovers of money, themselves, riches, fame more than the lover of God. Can’t you see people already taking the mark of the beast? its already here. This Martial Law will lead into a one world government where people will be forced to take this sinful mark. Only those who dont’ know the word of God will accept this. Be warned. Do not take it. If you die for Christ’s sake you shall be saved.

  • BigMark

    All roads lead to the Vatican.

  • DumbGoyNot

    The people aren’t going to wake up mainly because they’ve given (mostly via their love of TV and movies) to the spirit of idolatry (i.e. the spirit of antichrist) who has rights to make his followers (slaves) spiritually lazy. As long as our people hold onto their love of TV and movies things are only going to get worse and worse.

  • lucille rothstein

    No one cares, 7 comments and mine making 8? Only 8 people got on the ark last time, all the rest didn’t care and actually made fun of Noah. They thought that they could get through life ignoring the signs. When it came raining down on them they wanted into the safety of the ark, but it was too late! The world ended in water the last time and this time it will eventually end in fire. I myself believe that America will become uninhabitable due to nuclear war and it being attacked by Iran and the terrorists that have been planning for our destruction. I know that our government has known about this for quite sometime. It will start with our dollars death and then the ensuing panic and riots due to starvation and chaos. Followed by martial law and then a false flag attack or vice versa, then followed by a World War. That will then lead to a nuclear war on American soil then the people all going back to whatever nation they originated from. Then being enslaved in some parts of the world and mistreatment of the American survivors that will move around the world looking for a place to call home. A horrible end to a once Great Nation. So sad……

  • gannamede

    We have no way of knowing how true any of this stuff is. We do know however that things are deteriorating worldwide, and it seems to have more to do with youthful restlessness than with any sense of real need. There is anger in the air, anyone with any sensitivity can feel it, and quite frankly no one seems to know why or to have any solutions. Ten years ago I would not have said this, but I think those who are actually preparing for some kind of civil chaos may be wiser than we who are just watching it happen and hoping some solution will present itself at the last minute. And yes I’m quite certain our police and military have all kind of contingency plans, but the real fact is that if it turns into a national scale problem, we don’t have one tenth the manpower it would take to restore and maintain order, and even that would break down as it’s logistical support gave out. Hell I’ve read right in our public media that a determined adversary, even a domestic one, could “blackout” almost the entire nation in less than an hour, and this nation runs on it’s power grid, without it we’re crippled. I’m not necessarily “scared” but I am very concerned. I can only hope those in positions of authority are quietly on top of all this stuff.

    • PJ London

      You should move to the UK. The Nanny state will look after you. Of course, you will not be able to leave your house without the “Nannies” watching you and tracking your Cellphone and car at every 100 yards. They have contingency plans, just attend any “anti-establishment demonstration, e.g. Stop-the-war” to see how easily you will be Kettled.

      “Contemplate the mangled bodies of your countrymen, and then say ‘what should be the reward of such sacrifices?’ Bid us and our posterity bow the knee, supplicate the friendship and plough, and sow, and reap, to glut the avarice of the men who have let loose on us the dogs of war to riot in our blood and hunt us from the face of the earth? If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude than the animated contest of freedom, go from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains sit lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen!” — Samuel Adams

  • Doc Lemm

    Learn self survival in all aspects. For when the time comes, you’ll need to teach others.

  • Giancarlo Tortuga

    Well China is buying a lot of copper wire, iron ore, gold (Venezuelan reserves), ecc.
    China is the perfect nation of the NWO… a nation of slaves (working to enrich Apple, etc.)
    and of rich-man (former communist leaders )…
    Those who will be f*****-up are the arabs, since they have a lot of dollars and USA
    is becoming one of the biggest producers of shale-gas.

    • Jack McCarthy

      They are in a no win game. Take paper you lose, take gold they will bomb your country and come and take it.

  • Guest

    Good riddance. Someone needs to take out Israel so we can be free here in the U.S.

  • Micheal Cookson

    We must remember, when the colonists were separated from England and pushed and pushed, thats when the Rebellion happened. Those of us who are waking to a threat, that are being pushed on today, are people that are continually being let down by this dictatorship of a government that we have. More and more Freedom, Liberty and Justice is being taken away every day and I say its time we let them know where we stand. Taking away our firearms, taking away our own ability to protect ourselves from enemies both foreign and domestic. When they come, we shall rise like a great tide to wash away the unclean and pray, use the gift of holy fire to purge the wicked and the deceitful and nasty conspirators that lie with them. This nation is a crumbling, withering shell of its former glory. The Bell tolls, and Our time draws nigh. Rise those that are faithful, stand with us against the unclean.

    • Mister Jimmy

      Not gonna happen. We’re not ‘colonists.’ We are a nation of badly dumbed-down beer drinkers and pizza-chewers who will believe anything we see on TV. When the ‘time comes’ we will cower like mice and beg and whine for mercy.

  • PJ London

    Would someone please explain why one needs to have that horrific (in my estimation) noise behind the speakers.Is everyone so addicted to their Ipods that they cannot hear without the constant noise?
    Please can someone invent a device to allow me to hear a speaker without the background deemed necessary by some half-wit trying to drown it out.

  • apeman2502

    Obama could not martial a clean change of underwear for himself without approval. Cut the crap and dig.

  • Jessica Stratmann

    you can guarantee I will Fight! I will stand up for myself, and my family. I wont back down. If I die, I die fighting for what I love. I feel we all need to take a step back, open our minds, and open our eyes. See what is really going on here, Are we going to end up looking like Iraq and Afghanistan where children and women and men alike are walking around with guns because foreign military are invading their country? Whatever my last days will be like, whether comfortable and in the arms of my love or fighting to not have things taken from me, whatever it shall be I believe He (not Obama either.) has led us to this to test our weakness and I refuse to show weakness. BRING IT ON BITCHES!

    • anonymous

      I like what u hadd to say! That’s right!

  • anonymous

    “you ignorance, is our bliss”