Uh oh: the St Louis Fed’s FRED now belongs to “the dissenter”

Fed’s Bullard Explains His FOMC Dissent: Disagrees With Tapering In Light Of Deteriorating Economy

As noted previously, in the latest FOMC decision the St. Louis Fed’s James Bullard joined the ranks of the dissenters currently held only by Kansas Fed’s George. Today he explains why: it appears that he had an issue with what most have already pointed out: the Fed’s lowering of its economic forecasts, even as it represented a “tapering” of monetary injections. To wit: “The Committee was, through the Summary of Economic Projections process, marking down its assessment of both real GDP growth and inflation for 2013, and yet simultaneously announcing that less accommodative policy may be in store.” In other words the debate can end: Bernanke did signal tapering.

From the St. Louis Fed

President Bullard’s Comments on Recent FOMC Actions

ST. LOUIS – Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis President James Bullard dissented with the Federal Open Market Committee decision announced on June 19, 2013.  In his view, the Committee should have more strongly signaled its willingness to defend its inflation target of 2 percent in light of recent low inflation readings.  Inflation in the U.S. has surprised on the downside during 2013.  Measured as the percent change from one year earlier, the personal consumption expenditures (PCE) headline inflation rate is running below 1 percent, and the PCE core inflation rate is close to 1 percent.  President Bullard believes that to maintain credibility, the Committee must defend its inflation target when inflation is below target as well as when it is above target.


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Uh oh: the St Louis Fed’s FRED now belongs to “the dissenter”
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