UK Police: Media Must ‘Rein Back’ Islamic State Terror Coverage

Counter-terror chiefs have warned Britain’s media to tone down their reporting of terrorist atrocities.. Mark Rowley, assistant commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, told a gathering of the Society of Editors: “I do think there are some ways that you can rein back what you do..

Adopting a similar line Rowley’s boss, Net commissioner Cressida Dick called for a ‘reset’ in relations between journalists and the police by pledging greater ‘transparency’ in official briefings, asserting that relationships between journalists and officers ‘should not be categorized in the same way as a relationship with a criminal’.

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Relations between journalists and the force plumbed new depths when more than thirty journalists were arrested or charged as part of an investigation into inappropriate payments – none of the individuals concerned were ever convicted. Dick remains unrepentant however, stating: “I won’t apologise for Operation Elveden..”

Last year French media enacted a voluntary ban on publicising terrorists.


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