Ukraine & Russia Make Truce Until March 21st! 93% of Crimea Vote to Join Russia!

More info at links:……


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    More than 95% and the west said “illegal” that is ludicrous. Illegal is the invasion and desruction of Iraq, Afghanistan, Syrya, Libia, yemen and other places in this world, that the west have destroyes in name of “democracy” and “human rights”. Respect the decision of the Crimean people…

  • Oxnard

    Well said Viktor! This “illegal” statement is coming from a man who seems to care 1000 fold more for the Ukrainian constitution but does give a damn about the USA’s, in his saying the VOTE violates the Ukrainian Constitution. As for his allegation of “voter intimidation”, what exactly does he call loosing his IRS attack-dogs on the TEA party and other conservative groups as well as the Black Panthers stationed outside polling stations (that AG Holder conveniently decided not to investigate).

    The USA… it was a good country while it lasted!

  • Tolerance

    Organized Jewry who run Western governments by blackmail and the terrorist oligarchs that the East has kicked out will be furious at this. These decadent, liberal filth are disgusted when true democracy gets an airing. I can see constant re-runs of Swindler’s List and a plethora of other Holohoax Industry films on the T.V. (shit-pump) soon, to compensate.

    Fuck America, cesspit of Jewry.

  • Oxnard

    Tolerance, my boss is a Jewish carpenter. THEY (the JEWS) are God’s chosen people. Save your venom for the likes of the central bankers and their flunkies ( Blankfien, Diamond, Corzine and the manchurian President).

  • Oxnard

    Also Tolerance… you smell of Government troll as well.