UN Human Rights Council Welcomes human rights abusers Saudi Arabia

You’ll never believe which states joined the United Nations Human Rights Council. Or, well, if you know anything about the UN, perhaps you will believe it:

That reads like a who’s who of human rights abusers. Nowadays, however, these regimes — which routinely oppress women, and jail, torture, and even kill critics — are somehow deemed to be the protectors of our universal human rights. I’d laugh if it wasn’t so incredibly sad.

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But wait, the UNHCR says, don’t criticize Saudi Arabia! According to Sharia they have “fair gender equality”!

like calls to stone woman who dared going out without being covered head to toe and Gang Raped Woman Sentenced to 200 lashes

Sounds like a Psychopath group where every participant tells about their problems in a circle.

Satire, right? Nope, the UNHCR is dead serious.



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