UN Preparing to seize and control the internet. Please sign this International petition to STOP them.

The UN right now is in the process of attempting to take control and censor our internet.

This latest attack on our freedoms by the UN could see our privacy end and enforce all forms of censorship and controls on us.

Dont tollerate this attack on your lives and freedoms.

They do not have any right to be doing this to us.

Stop this NOW.

Send this mesage LOUD and CLEAR to the UN to leave us and to leave our rights alone, forever.

Please follow the link below and sign the petition before it is too late.

And thank you for your support.

The Internet has been an amazing story of public ownership and people power since its inception — but right now, the open Internet is facing one of its most dangerous threats yet at a UN meeting in Dubai. We can help save it if we act before the meeting closes in 5 days.

The Internet was born through scientists, users, and innovators working together to create something run by and serving the public. Subject to no central governance, and overseen only by a handful of non-profit organisations like ICANN, it’s flourished — empowering everything from home-grown music to world-shaking revolutions. But this week, authoritarian regimes are pushing to snatch control from these groups and subsume the Internet under the authority of a global UN treaty.

Link here…


This link re-posted after the thread began.

This link will take you to Google’s voting site, please use it too.




Defend freedom of speech!



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  • Nostradumbass

    Please remove the tin foil from your head immediately!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ricky-Ross/100003376270758 Ricky Ross

    Since when has signing, marching, voting, calling, writing etc…changed a damn thing?

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/PQ3ZWRZUATPUQBEY6MJAJWSSEQ Thomas Jefferson

    IF americans only knew the horrors the UN has done to other countries,they would drag them out and hang them all,WHY is the UN in the USA anyway?IT IS a world wide TERRORIST GROUP,the death and chemicals that have been tested on countries to small to fight back against them,MOVE the UN to a country where the PEOPLE OF THE WORLD can get at them for the crimes they have commited,FOR them to be in america where they are PROTECTED by the police gang is a crime against humanitly,this is going to come home to haunt america some day and the people of america will more then deserve it for protecting these KILLERS………….

  • http://www.facebook.com/wulfrano.ruizsainz Wulfrano Ruiz Sainz

    The UN is loaded with sick megalomaniacs. Definitely the precursor of Antichrist’s World Government.