UN special envoy for Syria calls for peace dialog, Iran ambassador to UK slams foreign meddling in Syria

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De Mistura was referring to the flashpoint Syrian city of Idlib where hundreds of foreign-backed militants from eastern Aleppo were being transferred to. Without specifying, he said the moment had come to take the battle in Syria to the negotiating table. The U-N diplomat made the remarks following a meeting with French Foreign Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault in Paris. He also said that up to 5-thousand militants and their families were still in Aleppo waiting to be evacuated. De Mistura, however, expressed concern that there were not enough U-N observers in the embattled city to oversee the evacuations.

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Hamid Baeidinejad made the remarks during a meeting with British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson on Thursday. He cited foreign military and financial assistance to terrorists as a key hurdle to peace in Syria. Baeidinejad added that the protection of civilians had always been one of Tehran’s priorities in Syria. The U-K summoned the Iranian and Russian ambassadors after Syrian troops and allied army units liberated the key city of Aleppo this week. The U-S, the U-K and some other European countries as well as Qatar, Turkey and Saudi Arabia are supporting militants in Syria.


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