UNBELIEVABLE: Did Senate Committee just give a hint as to the Next False Flag Event. Guess When? Next Week!!!

Operation Blackjack Followers – Please See This (Recent Video and discussion) how PRISM ties in with BLACKJACK!

Proof PRISM had been successful at stopping attacks to be provided next week? Yikes!!!


If you don’t believe in coincidences, perhaps this is a good time to do. If someone could also PIN this, it would really be a good idea!

Please watch the 1st minute of the video below. This will do for anyone with a good level of intuition. However, the rest of the video is even more revealing. Then read the research and dots I connected below.

First of all, I told you last week when this news broke that they will have to justify this surveillance system. Now they are saying they will….this can be found in the thread below.

The chief said PRISM had been successful in foiling turrists attempt at home and abroad. He said he would provide proof………REALLY? And make figures of the success of PRISM or PRISON (when pronounced) available next week. Next week is 7 days away……around the 20th / 21st of June. Perhaps you should see this picture……..


and this….


For those unfamiliar with Operation Blackjack, follow this link and scroll all the way down……