Under-19s set to be BANNED from drinking Energy drinks in Long Island

Officials in Long Island are considering whether to enact a drinking age of 19 for energy drinks, as the Food and Drug Administration investigates claims over deaths allegedly caused by the sugary, caffeinated beverages. 

A spokesman for American Beverage Association insists the drinks are safe and says they contain the same amount of caffeine of a regular cup of coffee but the New York district is concerned over their popularity among teenagers.

But teens in Suffolk County, New York have blasted the proposal saying that teens needs the caffeine to keep up their active lifestyles.

Danger: Long Island health officials fear easy access to energy drinks could be unsafe for young consumers
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Suffolk County, where officials would like the drinks to only be sold to customers 19 years and up,would be the first area in the U.S. to institute a minimum age for the drinks.

Health officials and policy makers have increasingly grown concerned over the impact of the drinks – full of sugar and stimulants that can quickly get a person’s heart racing once ingested.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2241348/Teens-blast-proposal-enact-minimum-drinking-age-energy-drinks.html


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