Under qaddafi libyans had fee health care, free utilities, free education including college , the lowest price gas in the world, and the highest literacy rate in africa.

libya qaddafi

A pro-Qaddafi supporter in Tripoli

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Qaddifi opposed having a central bank as he did not want libya to be under the control of the international banking cartel as is the case in the u.s. with the elite owned federal reserve controlling the u.s. economy and destroying what little is left of the middle class and small business.

Liby also had light sweet crude which the elites wanted to liberate from the libyans and so because of the oil and the lack of a central bank the elites decided qaddafi had to be killed, and so in violation of the geneva convention and international law the united states was involved in the murder of the leader of a foreign nation, hitler and stalin could not have done better .

The european media has been reporting for months that the u.s. was bombing libya in support of the al qaeda led rebels whose commander abdel hakim al hasidi and his men had fought and killed american servicemen in afghanistan and iraq and who had been captured in pakistan by the paks and turned over to the ameircans who released al hasidi to enable him to return to killing american troops. abdel hakim al hasidi is at this moment the military commander of tripoli.

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Does the fact that the same u.s. government that told america that al qaeda did 911 and then supported al qaeda by bombing the hell out of libya for 7 months , does this make anyone go,,, what the hell is going on,,,well the answer is as the late british foreign secretary robin cook said , al qaeda is a complete creation of the CIA and M I 6.
The war on terror is a war on the american people , 911 was a false flag attack, to provide the excuse to plunge america into over 10 years of unending war in the mideast that shows no sign of ending as the elite cabal in control of the american government is now planning to attack iran, and has sent troops to fight in africa in uganda, hitlers third reich is starting to pale in comparison to the attacks, bombing , drones etc. ,, hitler had the V 2 and the elite cabal with their CIA control of the u.s. military has the drones.

America is being destroyed morally and financially by the elites in control of the american government which they have turned into the reincarnation of the third reich, undeclared wars , invading and bombing countries with out cause, murdering heads of state, killing u.s. citizens with out a trial, killing hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians in the undeclared wars, reports are over 60,000 libyan civilians have been killed by u.s. aka nato bombing.

Orwells 1984 has come to life right here in america , the america of apple pie and chevrolet is gone with the wind.



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