Understand Where We’re Headed: “The People of This Country… Will Take to The Streets”

Mac Slavo
April 5th, 2013


Do you want to know why the Department of Homeland Security, the U.S. military, and law enforcement officials are unabashedly expanding the control grid?

Charlie McGrath of Wide Awake News explains:

We understand the expansion of the security industrial complex, the growing nature of the police state.

Billions of rounds of ammo, armored vehicles, fusion centers, drones being put in the air – there is no question of police state expansion. The only question is why. Why are they doing it?

You can’t go to government for this answer, because if you do they’re just going to stone-wall the question. They don’t even believe you deserve a shoddy lie.

But if we use our heads and we look at real information, real data, the reason is self evident.

The fact is, the trajectory of our economy has been set for quite some time.

The U.S. Census Bureau says we have 146 million people either living in poverty or in a low income situation… 29.2% of the children in this country face food insecurities every single night… And over 20 million people in the United States are spending over half what they make to pay for housing alone…

We don’t see these millions of people in the streets right now.


Because we have social safety nets. Social safety nets that are promised to be yanked away. They’re warning us right now…

Understand where we’re headed…

Prepare for what is coming…

They’re not buying the ammunition… they’re not expanding the police state because they’re worried about terrorism.

They’re worried about incidents such as happened in Egypt and Tunisia.

When the people of this country have nothing, and the little bit that they do have, the little bit that they do earn, is going to pay for basic necessity items such as housing and food… they [will] take to the streets.

This is what I believe the government anticipates and I do believe this is what’s going to happen.

Video via Rense.com:

We are rapidly approaching a situation in this country where the majority of Americans will not be able to acquire the basic necessities for life. With tens of millions of peopleunemployed, living in poverty and struggling just to make ends meet, it’s a wonder that the system hasn’t already collapsed in on itself.

For the time being government social safety nets have kept the restless at bay by providing assistance for food, medical care and housing. In fact, nearly half of Americans receive some form of benefit or distribution from the government on a monthly basis.

Meanwhile, the Federal Reserve is relentlessly expanding our monetary base while the US government borrows unfathomable amounts of money just to stay afloat and maintain a perception of stability. This has led to significant price increases in the things Americans need to survive – food, medicine and energy.

We will soon reach a point where government will be left with no choice but to make drastic cutbacks to these essential services, leaving all those who depend on that monthly check with absolutely nowhere to turn. These cuts may come in the form of actual lowered distribution amount, or in the form of inadequate adjustments for inflation.

When those who are already struggling just to get by no longer have the social support or sufficient wage to acquire critical goods and services, really bad things are going to happen.

They’re going to take to the streets in droves, and you can be assured that the government will not be benevolent in how they’re dealt with.

The lucky ones will likely be rounded up, detained and deported to camps operated by the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

The unlucky ones… they’ll become government democide statistics.

We can pretend everything’s alright and that the government isn’t taking steps to maintain control at any cost, but it won’t change the outcome.


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  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ken-Brodeur/1819964077 Ken Brodeur

    Problem with this scenario is that the safety net is already insufficient. The real problem is the brain washed people think they are getting by on adequate welfare. The food is a chemical, gmo, preservative soup killing them softly. The housing is unhealthy with all kinds of poisons making them sick and of course the demands coming down the pike, like drug testing will continue to turn people into zombies of the state. No uprising is going to happen, there are no leaders or organized groups capable or wanting to insight a riot.
    What will happen is what always happens in history. As the government continues to feed the viper bankers, it will become weak, broke and incapable of even helping itself. Internal disruption in the police state will create a black market and an underground economy. People outside of the corporate complex ruling the world will begin to create there own brown and black markets. Government supplies will disappear and sold to people who can barter and provide simple services the banker controlled government can no longer control.
    The populations at large know that fighting the government with force is ludicrous and impossible. The government will continue to intimidate with, Waco and Ruby Ridge type tactics, which will become moot because hunger and need will out weigh fear of government stooges.
    The modern world is returning to a dark age, as long as usury and Keynesian Economics continue, which it probably will for some time. One thing is for sure. No major catastrophy will happen. The system we slave under is the basis of the tremendous wealth of the elite and they know it. One nuke and they go down with the ship. It is propaganda that the elite are setting up to survive a holocaust, the same holocaust lie they use to extort monies from European and American peoples for Jewish deaths in WWII.
    Good advice would be to follow Timothy Leary’s suggestion, Turn on, tune in and drop out, just like many ‘preppers’ do. Refuse to be part of the problem and create your own world. Learn to grow some food, it will clear you head eating well and maybe some critical and creative solution for you and yours will come to mind.

    • Woody Johnson

      There are militias all over the country that are ready to rise up. If you believe the resistance has no leaders, you are living in an alternate reality. Furthermore, groups like MS13, the Aryan Brotherhood, Crips, Bloods, etc., etc., ad infinitum, are VERY organized and poised to take control. Not only are we facing an economic collapse of epic proportions, we will likely see a civil war (the first in America, unlike the Northern War of Aggression) along with a revolution and WW3 take place simultaneously. Think: “Book of Eli” (the movie starring Denzel Washington) and you begin to understand what a possible outcome resembles.

      • Frank_Sturgis

        Also, fissures will open up in the ground, dinosaurs will return to walk the Earth and the dead will rise and hunger for the flesh of the living.

  • Tucker

    And, despite all of the scary prognostications that Charlie McGrath lays out, our greasy, treasonous, corrupt, arrogant and apparently either brain dead stupid – or diabolically evil beyond all reasonable comprehension – are now trying to amnesty the 20-40 million illegal, low skilled, parasitic, social entitlement craving, big cradle-to-grave-income-redistribution-government loving aliens, and also grant them generous family reunification provisions that will let them import 50-100 million of their similarly unskilled, poorly educated, parasitic, social entitlement craving, big cradle-to-grave-income-redistribution-government loving family members from the third world?

    If we do not have the financial resources to cover the present unfunded liabilities for Social Security, Medicare, US military and US government earned entitlements – or to cover the cost of this abomination called ‘obamacare’ – just how in the hell are we going to meet these costs when our filthy criminal elites add another 100-150 million parasites to the list of recipients?

  • Deborah Rodriguez

    When movies such as 28 days and 28 days later zombie flicks or for that matter any apocalyptic movie of this nature the military is useless in controlling the “zombies.” They are slow, they are brain dead but there are millions of them.
    So, how can they expect to control 100’s of millions of people armed or not?
    Through the course of history “they” have never won when the people rise. Never.
    Think about that for a second…