Unemployment Down, Stock Market Up, Gold Down, Taper Time ?

Unemployment has gone from 7.3 to 7.0 percent. The stock market is hitting all time new highs, gold is pushed down and the FED is talking about tapering maybe as early as this month, December. NatWest in the UK was hit with a cyber attack on Black Friday and people could not purchase good or get money out of the bank. The US and Iran are in the process of a making a peace deal meanwhile the US is continuing the missile shield in Europe. China is now pushing to become the reserve currency of the world.

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  • Occams

    Yea. Were the unemployment rate actually true, then maybe, but since REAL figures show close to 100 MILLION Americans un, or under employed, “7%” is fraud of the highest order.

    However, it’s one of the lesser, every day criminal acts from this administration, and since no one cares about gun-running to Mexico, gun-running to Syria via Benghazi, or firing Generals who refused a nuke-detonation order on US soil, where does phonying up unemployment numbers figure?

    Just a made up headline, so everyone on the inside track profits from the stock market.

    This is called ‘squeezing the last juices from the fruit’. Tumble Time is close.

  • James Woroble Jr


    There will ABSOLUTELY be no ‘taper’. To the contrary, be prepared for a TRIPLING of QE ($250 BILLION A MONTH), just for starters. Next 60 days or less….

    $3,000 gold, for starters, making the recent Bitcoin (digital ‘tulip’) pop & drop look quaint.