Unmarked Military Base Discovered in Las Vegas

Unmarked Military Base Discovered in Las Vegas

LAS VEGAS, NV – A stockpile of military vehicles were recently discovered occupying a secluded commercial property on the outskirts of Las Vegas at the address of 5750 Sky Pointe Dr.

It doesn’t seem as if the Humvees and other military-grade vehicles are for sale, even though they are stationed at a former car dealership that has been stripped of its business logo and signs


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  • Drdetroitdanchap

    Hiding MILITARY equipment in CIVILIAN AREAS !!!!! Remember how we called Saddam a COWARD and WAR CRIMINAL for that???

    • Joseph James

      Who’s hiding. we have natl guard depots in most major cities. some have tanks in them.

      • Drdetroitdanchap

        In the first place —- THIS BASE —– in the second, Yes indeed we do, even in MNOR cities, don’t we, just like Saddam did……

  • Joe

    Secluded? You can catch a city bus there! But yeah, weird. Are they guarded?

  • Joseph James

    DRMO ?
    Natl Guard motor T depot?

  • justMeThinking

    All that equipment is Coyote yellow. That tells me this gear is probably stuff that was purchased by the .gov and due to be shipped overseas before the draw down or recently brought back with a returning unit.They are probably parking them in the desert until they can figure out what to do with them. There is not enough gear here to start a good argument: a dozen or two MRAPS, some Hummers and a bunch of odds and ends. They would be stretched thin to control LV with this small of force. If they were not guarded, kids would be over that little fence in 5 minutes. Can you imagine the law suit against the gov if some greasy, pimple faced punks took an MRAP out for a “test drive”.

    • Shara Bingham Mills

      I remember my future husband starting up a tank in the Alexandria Mall in Louisiana in 81. It was just sitting there by it’s self, everybody was out taking a smoke break. He was a Ranger. We could have driven it right out the door. Fun times!

  • Josh

    I’m quite sure that’s the Las Vegas national guard unit, who just recently moved into that location, and coincidentally happens to have been mobilizing for there annual training (AT) which would explain the vehicles, well that and the fact that a large portion of soldiers MOS is drivers.

  • JustMeThinking

    If you go to Google maps, it’s and average size car dealership, without the cars, It says it’s an Army Reserve Command. Tactically, it has quick access to two major roads but it has a housing complex right up next to the fence on one fence. If they start repainting those vehicles in Police blue or LEO’s are seen on a regular basis around the vehicles, alarm bells should be going off in your head.Other than that, I’d say it’s just an interesting development

    • Sueychop

      MRAP’s for rappin’ patriot knuckles.

  • A Glamper Story

    This is up street from our house, my husband spotted it first. #1- there is no reason for them to be ‘hidden’ behind abandoned dealership when we have big bases right here on this side of town even, where they can park them w tons of land! We have Nellis & Creech. No excuse to be in residential neighborhood says our Air Force friend who doesn’t know why they’re there either!!! #2 When any work is done on them, there is police escorts, unbelievable security, huge fences. #3 they just happened to be camoed to match our desert terrain. If they were preparing to go to another destination they could be any color.

  • A Glamper Story

    And at Josh…there is also a very nice, with land, facility around 215 freeway that’s the national guard it says on the sign. So they could’ve parked them there if its the guard. Again, not a must that they need to be parked behind neighborhoods & around corner from shopping center w grocery store!

  • John Edward Orlacski

    Just re-positioning assets, getting ready for martial law when the SHTF!


    How about the rent is cheap there because the car dealership went belly up. Thanks for watching out for my tax dollars…

  • Arizona

    LETS KEEP OUR FINGERS CROSSED,that their all russian,and NATO,you don’t understand right now,BUT YOU WILL LATER………………….

  • usmcmailman

    Ohhhhhhhhhh…………..MY, What a surprise!

  • Brass Rabbit

    You should all be very afraid! I’m sure ‘they’ (you know…the ‘government’) are planning an insidious takeover of LV because of its strategic importance…or maybe its natural resources…or maybe to control the main transportation arteries…gotta be something. Of course he’s imbedding these high value resources in residential areas because our attackers have shown such a reticence to strike civilian targets. ‘They’ had to paint them with Desert camo because they had a lot left over and besides, if they had used the more appropriate Parking Lot camo you would never have even seen them. Anyway, they only put these assets in plain sight to divert your attention. Buried under the sand is a vast array of bunkers filled with drones and thousands of fighting robots all controlled by Obama. I’m sure that, despite the panoply of crucial worldwide issues facing him, the takeover and control of LV is one of his top priorities. By all means…keep your finger’s crossed, or hide under your bed, or otherwise seek your chosen safe haven.

  • TonysTake

    Well, this is old news. These vehicles have been parked there now for a couple of years. It is worth watching as any movement or increased activity could be a prelude to martial law.