Unnatural Disaster Strike Again

ericpetersautos.com / By Eric Peters / February 23, 2013

A mile-high tidal wave could not do more damage to human beings than the unnatural force called government. In terms of outright mass murder – line ‘em up at the edge of the ditch and mow ‘em down – government has no equal. Jeffrey Dahmer – America’s most prolific serial killer-cannibal – got maybe 40 victims over a ten-year period. For Uncle Sam, that’s not even an afternoon’s work. In “peace” time.

Here’s the latest example:

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According to a study published in the Feb. issue of the academic journal, Injury Prevention (see here) there has been an Everest-like ascent in motorcycle injuries during the past decade. Older riders (age 60 and over) are getting hurt the most – up 247 percent, from 4,300 injuries per year in 2001 to 15,100 in 2008 – but it’s not just them. Accidents involving riders in the 40-59 bracket are also up 61 percent; for riders in the 20-39 bracket, it’s 28 percent.

What’s changed?

More people of all ages are riding.

But why the sudden uptick in motorcycle riding?

Follow the money.

Or rather, follow the lack thereof. The ridership explosion has tracked in correlation with the economic implosion. You know – the unnatural disaster caused by government.



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