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UPS supervisor spied on Muslim employee sitting down in the bathroom… and then demonstrated ‘how we urinate in this country’

A Muslim employee of UPS in Orlando, Florida, says that his coworkers and managers routinely humiliated and harassed him while the company did little to protect him.

Palestinian-American Ashraf Sarandah, 35, has filed an official complaint against UPS with the Equal Employment Opportunity commission for routinely discriminating against him, including one instance in which his boss followed him to the bathroom to watch him urinate.

Mr Sarandah, who has a bladder and kidney condition, was then questioned for the manner in which he used the toilet, prompting a demonstration by his supervisor in the ‘American’ manner of peeing: standing up at a urinal.

UPS denies that theirs is a ‘hostile work environment’ and maintains that after each incident, proper follow up, discipline and retraining took place.

Victim: Palestinian-American Ashraf Sarandah, pictured, has filed an official complaint against UPS with the Equal Employment Opportunity commission for discriminating against him because of his race, religion and national origin

Mr Sarandah became a UPS employee in 2004, working as an asset manager and logistics planner after he graduated from the University of Central Florida in 2002 with a degree in computer engineering.

He says the incidents began as soon as he joined the company, but he first recorded them in 2008.

‘Working for UPS has been extremely humiliating and hurtful,’ Mr Sarandah said to the MailOnline.

Read more:–demonstrated-urinate-country.html#ixzz20L7Bz7yJ

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