Uranium One Crime Spree, JFK Document Release Postponed, Economic Update

I have said it dozens of times, and that is I thought the Clinton unprotected email servers were used to hide Hillary Clinton was taking treasonous bribes in the form of donations to a global charity fraud. It is looking like it is now being proven true with the landslide revelations about the shady Uranium One deal that transferred 20% of U.S. uranium production to the Russians.  This is, in fact, the real Russian collusion story, and former Secretary of State Clinton, not President Trump, is at the center of it all.  It is confirmed that FBI agents have proof there was widespread money laundering, bribery and kickbacks before the deal was approved by Clinton and President Obama.  This story will, no doubt, cause many to go to jail.  This makes Watergate look like a squirt gun fight.

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