US Claims 1st Gold Medal! BUT, Winners Could Owe The IRS Almost $10,000!

Its sad…What happened to this country!………


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  • Cori

    This IS really sad – but not surprising. Our money is taxed, taxed, and taxed again. It’s taxed when we earn it, spend it save it, give it away and when we are dead. I even have a tax on buying food where I live!

    • unclezip

      Then grow your own.

    • McGannahan Skyjellyfetti

      Land of the FEE and home of the BRAVES (and other over paid sports teams)

    • George Beerwood

      Americans bash Europe for high taxes but why is it I have way more disposable income in Europe than I ever did living in the USA? When I go to the store I pay the price stated on the package at the register. Why? because VAT is included. And the price on many things is cheaper than in the USA, even with VAT included., This includes computers, etc etc,

      • AnnOnaMice

        This shouldn’t be happening… the disposable income part, I mean….

        As a US citizen in the EU, I get taxed on my income by the country I live in, and then if I end up “taking home” more than about $55000 in a year, the IRS in the USA wants me to pay US taxes on that, too!

        • George Beerwood

          I renounced . I wouldn’t move back to the USA for a million bucks. Won’t even go for a visit.

        • George Beerwood

          One thing Americans are brainwashed about, USA citizenship is highly overrated, In fact, a British or any EU passport is much better, In the Netherlands a Veteran of the military is honoured and taken care of, In the USA they are treated like dirt. I have travelled to over 70 countries during my 40 years in aviation and lived and worked in 5 of them, The LAST country I would ever move back to is the USA,

  • BellsNwhistles

    Our elected officials like Mitt Romney put there gold in off shore accounts, only slaves have to pay the tax man. Capitalism is the system and slavery is the game.