US Downs Syrian Plane

by Chris

Well, things are certainly heating up in Syria.    As mentioned here numerous times, the forces the US has been supporting in Syria are anything but “democratic” as they’ve been recently rebranded by the US State department.

You can call a pig a rose … but it’s still really a pig.

The recent shoot down of a Syrian jet by an F-18 is an escalation, one that Russia warned against a while ago.

Here’s the US statement:

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I’d be willing to bet big dollars that this is an incomplete or wildly misleading statement.  It smells like the US had some embedded troops and this plane was getting a little close to something or someone(s) that we cared about and, after careful consideration, escalation be damned, the decision was made to shoot it down.

Iran is also now lobbing missiles into the area.  Israel was revealed to have been also supporting anti-Syrian forces today.  No suprise there.

So put it all in one spot, and things are now on the front burner again.  We shall see….


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