US Government Screw Up Or A Distraction – They Understand That The Economy Is Going To Collapse And They Cannot Be Blamed When It Happens

Kerry over the weekend said that all Assad needs to do is hand over his chemical weapons. Russia heard the proposal and spoke with Assad and he said ok lets do it. The US government back pedaled a little and then President Obama said lets proceed. The US Government has not backed down on a strike and they want Assad to admit they he used chemical weapons. The central bankers/US government want war, need war and will not give up until they get their war. They understand that the economy is going to collapse and they cannot be blamed when it happens.



Five years after the financial crisis former Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson says “the world should prepare for a new financial crisis” in tomorrow’s Handelsblatt newspaper.

“The Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac reform has made no progress and the market of shadow banks hasn’t been addressed”

Paulson calls the too-big-to-fail phenomenon “unacceptable” and proposes more stringent capital and liquidity requirements in order to minimize the advantages enjoyed by larger financial institutions.

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AHEAD: SYRIAN WAR, WWIII, & SHUT DOWN of US ECONOMY – Elijah Johnson with Ann Barnhardt

This Labor Day weekend, Obama announced that he has decided to use military force against Syria and would seek authorization from Congress. But Ann Barnhardt, founder of the former Barnhardt Capital Management, believes this war will end up involving more countries than only the U.S. and Syria; Barnhardt predicts this war will be World War III.