US Military Contractor Trains For Zombie Invasion

People laugh at Zombies, but I believe the potential is very real, and being set into motion…


Next month, a security firm will incorporate — no kidding — zombies into a disaster-crisis scenario at the company’s annual Counter-Terrorism Summit here.

The five-day event will provide hands-on training, realistic demonstrations, lectures and classes geared to more than 1,000 military personnel, law enforcement officials, medical experts, and state and federal government workers.
HALO will take over the 44-acre Paradise Point resort in the city’s popular Mission Bay and create a series of terrorist scenarios

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The HALO Corporation is a California based organization founded by former Special Operations, National Security, and Intelligence personnel. HALO exists to provide safety and security for those in need and to improve: force protection, all aspects of security, humanitarian aid, and disaster response.

Synthetic Genomics Inc. (SGI), a privately held company developing and commercializing genomic-driven solutions to solve a range of global challenges, today announced they have purchased from Febit Holding GmbH the worldwide rights to three families of patents and patent applications related to key synthetic genomic technologies. All related know-how, equipment and technical support for implementation, were also purchased.

This newly acquired SGI technology includes methods for highly parallelized, low-cost oligonucleotide synthesis and retrieval of sequence-validated DNA. Together, these technologies have the potential to drastically reduce the cost of DNA synthesis, a technical problem the synthetic biology community has faced since the first synthetic gene was produced forty years ago.

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Perhaps it was only a coincidence, but in the March 2007 Homeland Security Today cover report, Viral Visions, “a hybrid, genetically engineered rabies virus” was hypothesized that “could cause those infected to become mad enough to want to bite, in the process transmitting the virus.”

Viral Visions focused on disturbing new developments in genomics and biological research that increasingly are providing the potential for new and lethal designer pathogens.

The December 2008 paper, Managing the Unimaginable: Regulatory Responses to the Challenges Posed by Synthetic Biology and Synthetic Genomics, noted that “risks are not far-fetched, as was shown by the successful synthesis of a ‘live’ poliovirus through the on-line ordering ofoligonucleotides and the reconstruction of the 1918 ‘Spanish Flu’ virus.”

Of course, US regulatory control does not impede acquisition and transfer of genomic materials outside the country, which is one big reason experts in this field working for the Intelligence Community is actively monitoring a variety of activities worldwide related to synthetic genomics as a sort of early warning system against rogue states, terrorist groups and potential adversaries trying to manufacture fearsome new biological pathogens as weapons.…etic-genomics/

Still think I’m crazy?


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