Glenn Greenwald Warns Snowden Has Enough Info To Harm The US GOVT More Than Any Person EVER!

(Must See) US slams Russia for giving “propaganda platform” to Snowden 

Catapult The Propaganda

 Glenn Greenwald Warns Snowden Has Enough Info To Harm The US GOVT More Than Any Person EVER!


Russia warn US Government about Snowden, He has much more info he has yet to release!

US should be careful in its pursuit of Snowden – Guardian journalist
Ex-CIA officer Edward Snowden possessed a large volume of information, public disclosure of which may be seriously damaging to the U.S. government, reported American television channel ABC News with reference to the Guardian newspaper journalist Glenn Greenwald, who first published the documents Snowden leaked.


“Snowden has enough information to cause more harm to the US government in a single minute than any other person has ever had,” Greenwald said in an interview in Rio de Janeiro with the Argentinian daily La Nacion.

“The US government should be on its knees every day begging that nothing happen to Snowden, because if something does happen to him, all the information will be revealed and it could be its worst nightmare, “ – added Greenwald.

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  • Bwhhaaa hhaaa hhaaaa

    If Snowden has enough information to finally wake up the rest of the zombies in this country, to the tyranny that is about to destroy us all, he should immediately release it. However, I can understand why he is holding back, because at this point, the threat of what he may or may not have/release, is probably the only thing currently keeping him alive. I bet Fuhrer Obama is just seething right now, because his advisers are telling him that “no” he can’t get away with a drone strike on Moscow.

  • hp

    Well whatever Snowden knows, VladPutin(haha) knows too.

  • Arizona

    GEE,it looks as though the worst TERRORISTS in the history of PLANET EARTH are being exposed,JUST LIKE THE LORD SAID THEY WOULD,americans ,you better be getting READY,when the NEWS comes out how bad the rotten government and military officals have stabed AMERICA IN THE BACK,there ain’t going to be a single american who won’t want them put on trial and then HANGED FOR TREASON,WAR IS COMING TO AMERICA over this,and the survivors,WILL BE THE ONES WHO GOT READY,the rest of the blind sheep will die in a FEMA DEATH CAMP……..I guarantee,the RUSSIANS(DHS) and all the other whores who work for the government are PLANNING THEIR ATTACK ON “YOU” THIS VERY MINUTE…….RED DAWN,real soon……those practice shooting posters,the police gangs were using with women and children on them,WILL BE PUT TO FULL USE here shortly,they do intend to kill everyone,TO SAVE THEIR TERRORIST ASS,from being HANGED FOR TREASON………

  • Arizona

    DO NOT GO ANYWHERE,without your BEST BATTLE RIFLE at your side at all times,FROM NOW ON,these terrorists in the police gangs and military can,and will attack this country,they wanted your weapons FOR A REASON,do you understand NOW,HAS IT SANK IN YET,they are going to attack america,THE FOREIGN MILITARY and POLICE GANGS,plan to take this country DOWN………RED DAWN…,be ready or be dead,thats your choice………..AND DO NOT DRIVE INTO “ANY ROAD BLOCKS”..or risk getting pulled from your vehicle and taken to a death camp….150 of americas BEST FIGHTERS,ex-special forces,green berets,navy seals,army rangers,in the attack on BOSTON, in the middle of the night,AND THE IDIOTS yelled horey,horey… the police gangs who kidnapped them…idiots……and cowards…………..