US Special Operations waging ‘secretive small wars’ in Africa & Middle East: Libya, Somalia, Cameroon, Niger, Nigeria, Yemen, etc…. Propaganda War

President Barack Obama is increasingly calling upon Special Operations forces to carry out so-called “small wars” across the Middle East and Africa to challenge both ISIS and al Qaeda in places where the U.S. maintains a footprint beyond Syria and Iraq.

In his first trip overseas since taking command of U.S. Special Operations a month ago, Gen. Raymond Thomas told a Middle Eastern audience recently that “complex” fails to adequately describe the current security environment. That complexity is leading the Obama administration to expand the use of small teams of Special Operators in various terror hotspots.

Thomas previously served as head of the secretive Joint Special Operations Command — the unit that includes Navy SEALS, the Army’s Delta Force and other covert Special Operations units.

“We are attempting to identify opportunities to expand [Special Operations’] global presence, forward access and relationships to leverage opportunities short of crisis,” Thomas said.

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U.S. special forces wage secretive ‘small wars’ against terrorists

Oh that Nobel PEACE PRIZE looks more and more credible each day with the puppet occupying the White House’s RAINBOW ROOM.

U.S. special forces wage secretive ‘small wars’ against terrorists. Not a secret anymore

Syria, ISIS, And The US-UK Propaganda War

With the war in Syria raging in its fifth year, and the Islamic State wreaking havoc throughout the Middle East and North Africa, it’s clear that the entire region has been made into one large theater of conflict. But the battlefield must not be understood solely as a physical place located on a map; it is equally a social and cultural space where the forces of the US-UK-NATO Empire employ a variety of tactics to influence the course of events and create an outcome amenable to their agenda. And none to greater effect than propaganda.

Indeed, if the ongoing war in Syria, and the conflicts of the post-Arab Spring period generally, have taught us anything, it is the power of propaganda and public relations to shape narratives which in turn impact political events. Given the awesome power of information in the postmodern political landscape, it should come as no surprise that both the US and UK have become world leaders in government-sponsored propaganda masquerading as legitimate, grassroots political and social expression.

London, Washington, and the Power of Manipulation

The Guardian recently revealed how the UK Government’s Research, Information, and Communications Unit (RICU) is involved in surveillance, information dissemination, and promotion of individuals and groups as part of what it describes as an attempt at “attitudinal and behavioral change” among its Muslim youth population. This sort of counter-messaging is nothing new, and has been much discussed for years. However, the Guardian piece actually exposed the much deeper connections between RICU and various grassroots organizations, online campaigns, and social media penetration.

The article outlined the relationship between the UK Government’s RICU and a London-based communications company called Breakthrough Media Network which “has produced dozens of websites, leaflets, videos, films, Facebook pages, Twitter feeds and online radio content, with titles such as The Truth about Isis and Help for Syria.” Considering the nature of social media, and the manner in which information (or disinformation) is spread online, it should come as no surprise that a number of the viral videos, popular Twitter feeds, and other materials that seemingly align with the anti-Assad line of London and Washington are, in fact, the direct products of a government-sponsored propaganda campaign.

The United States spends 3 times more on it’s war industry than Russia and China COMBINED

And our war junk doesn’t even work.

Defense Spending Budget data through 2015. The values below are displayed in USD ($)

United States – $581,000,000,000

China – $155,600,000,000

Russia – $46,600,000,000

And just what has pissing away our national treasure on endless wars and death machines gotten us, exactly.

Except for a huge increase in the number of corpses planted in our military cemeteries.