US & World Economic Collapse 2014; Start Preparing Now! Explanation, details, analysis and PROOF! – Video

US Economy Will Soon Collapse! Be Prepared! – Peter Schiff

US Debt $70 Trillion Explained, Not The $16 9 Trillion The US Government Claims

Ron Paul – Why The US Economy Is In Trouble And We Will See A Crisis Soon! August 15, 2013

Economic Collapse 2014 – US & World ; Start Preparing Now! Explanation, details, analysis and PROOF! economy collapse, crisis, 2014 economy prediction, outlook & forecast


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  • Japanese Guy

    YOU’RE FUCKING RETARDED! Not gonna happen you fucking idiot. The economy is improving you fucking idiots. America is still the richest country in the world you fucking faggots. Just go to China or Russia and see their citizens quality of life… They make less then 5 dollars an hour. You fucking fools. The people of the US are living like FAT KINGS LOL! Literally!

    Stop buying into to all this psy-op bullshit! The US dollar is the currency of THE WORLD PEOPLE! WAKE UP! United States of America ARE THE GODS OF THE PLANET! OTHER COUNTRIES BOW BEFORE THE US!

    If anything, the most that’s gonna happen is your not gonna be able to afford your new 60 inch hd 1080p television this year… you’ll have to wait a couple of months before you can afford it . LOL You fucking spoiled fat slobs LOL Jesus Christ. I’m from Japan and I wish I lived in America. Communism sucks. Suicide rates here are through the ROOF! LOL You guys have it easy. My sister was forced into prostitution at age 7.

    • Free Usa

      To eat some sushi and shut the fuck up

    • jman

      You are very very very dumb

    • killyourself

      i love when people who dont live here have opinions about our economy.

    • The Classic Constitutionalist

      All of this is designed for the world to get angry at Americans. We were spoon fed lies for generations and almost every american lives in complete fantasy. Now as other failing countries watch us through false news casts and articles, thinking we see everything through rose colored glasses, become angry that this could even be a reality. This only ends up making martyrs out of us. Like like a cow not knowing it’s going to slaughter, our downfall will be the beginning of the end for our world as we know it. World currency will become a reality, and everyone will be in a communist life. All countries have been reduced to poverty now for years and we’re simply next. There is no true industry here in America any more, We are third in export if lucky. Sometimes exporting as little as 20% in a year. This is a ploy to crash our economy, and our infamous Federal Reserve, is nothing more than a world bank of loans. We literally have no American reserve as it’s just fabrication build for the 2%’s success. Even in china, there are a few families that are untouchable and have over 200 trillion dollars worth of capitol. It’s like that in every country. These are the people running this game, and it’s been this way even before world war I. This sick reality that’s finally becoming apparent in America, is disarming the public, then changing our constitution to allow for dictatorship like laws. Removing weapons from trained veterans so they cannot aid the new building militia, removing freedom of speech and free press – What happens when the “only free country in the world” falls? – You’re chance at freedom elsewhere does as well. It’s just the way the Rockefeller family wants it. Anyone from other countries who continue to look at Americans as all fat overweight slobs who are living in luxury, WAKE THE @#*% up! We’re just now becoming the target for others panicking in poverty. When we actually do fall, the world will bare no sympathy saying we deserve it for being such gluttons failing to see they raised us to become this. The rest of the world will only congratulate our loss with happiness, failing to see that we were just pawns in the NWO game of chess – just like them. Please do not fall for such debauchery and do not become part of the problem. The solution is to group together all over the world and realize we need to bring this out into the open. If you wish to think we’re still fat idiots, then go ahead and do so. Why not come here to our country and see what they’ve been actually doing to us, instead of what you think is going on. Our news is the most loaded bunch of crap that makes the story of “little red riding hood” more believable. No one is safe unless they are related to those top wealthy world families. Together they are a mere .5% of the world. As each new Dollar is printed, more debt is raised. Our actual debt is 311 Trillion dollars presently. They tell us here it’s 17 Trillion. That cannot last much longer. So in conclusion, if you all out there still wish to continue inside your hamster wheel then feel free. Those of you who can see the reality in this danger that will hit in little less than four months, be prepared to do whatever it takes to survive. No one will be trusted after the fall. Know you enemies better than you friends and you might survive.

    • Ray ray 1

      He’s right I paid her sister for services

    • Name

      You have a real command of the english language. Those who know what they are talking about have inner confidence. Emotional outbursts are not necessary.