US State Dept: ‘Considering No-Fly Zone over Syria’! USS Enterprise moves into Med

The United States is still mulling ways to stop the fighting in Syria, including a no-fly zone, as the Syrian regime is “ratcheting up the brutality of their tactics,” a US official said Wednesday.

“We continue to look at all of the ideas out there for trying to end the violence,” State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland said.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton continues “to talk to partners about how, what, why exactly — the elements that might go into some of these things that people have proposed, including a no-fly zone,” she told journalists.

“But we haven’t made any decisions at this stage.”

US Acting Under Secretary for Arms Control Rose Gottemoeller met Tuesday with Turkish officials in Ankara to discuss bilateral cooperation on arms control, non-proliferation, disarmament and other security issues.

Russian S-400s relocated near Turkey. Hizballah shifts units, rockets into Syria

debkafile’s military sources say that, beside the issue of the NATO missile defense system to which Russia is firmly opposed, Moscow is relaying a double warning to Ankara on two additional scores:

One, that any more interceptions of Syria-bound aircraft coming from Russia after the incident of Oct. 10 would bring forth a Russian military response; and two, that Moscow will not tolerate aerial intrusion in the Syrian conflict by Turkey or any other NATO member. This warning was directed specifically against the imposition of a no-fly zone over Syria which Turkey is in the process of enforcing.

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Oct 12 – USS Enterprise passed thru the Suez Canal into the Med.

Currently in Naples for R&R.


Syria’s Air Defenses Would Stifle A Turkish Military Intervention

“Turkey’s aim to create a kind of buffer zone coupled with a no-fly zone in Syria.

This is why it is pressing on the US [to get involved] because it can’t do this by itself.

So why aren’t Americans doing it? The Syrian air defense system is highly sophisticated.

America has to put hundreds of planes in the air to suppress that system. Since that air defense system was designed for use against Israel, it is developed far more than you may think.

Yes, we can create a buffer zone in Syria but they will definitely shoot down some of our planes. This is not a game.”

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