US Training & Equipping Syrian Rebels: US-Made Anti-Tank Missiles Already In Use. Kerry: U.S. Plans To More Than Double Aid To Civilian Syrian National Coalition

New York Times says training already underway in unnamed country in region; Secretary of State Kerry to announce transfer of direct aid to rebels including food, medical supplies,7340,L-4350608,00.html

American Anti-Tank Missile Filmed In Syria

The following video posted on an activist channel for Talbiseh, Homs shows a very unusual projectile previously unseen in the conflict

The projectile belongs to an American M47 Dragon, a wire-guided anti-tank missile in service with the US military until 2001.

A diagram of the projectile is shown below

“Octol” refers to the type of explosive used, more details of which are here.

M225 is the type of warhead, and HE refers to high explosive.

Friends of Syria group deplores “unabated” arms supply to Assad government by third countries-final statement after Rome meeting

SANA: Many people killed in a car bomb explosion in Homs

Unprecedented strong backing by the US to the Syrian Coalition and its Supreme Military Council.

U.S. plans to more than double aid to civilian Syrian National Coalition, providing additional $60 million: Kerry


SecKerry: I am proud to announce US will provide an additional $60 million in non-lethal assistance to support Syrian Opposition Coalition.

SecKerry gives remarks on Syria: Bashar al-Assad is out of time, must be out of power.

(Photo) SecKerry and opposition leaders from Syria prepare for a photo after their meeting this morning in Rome.

In the most extreme American involvement to date, the ‘New York Times’ reports the US is drastically increasing rebel support; report comes the day after the White House says the US seeking to increase “non-lethal” assistance.

US announces direct non-lethal battlefield aid for Syrian rebels $60 million




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