USA Evacuates Embassy As Bombs, Fighting Rock Iraq, Jihadists Executing Troops, The Bodies Keep Piling Up, Iraq Turns To Iran For Help



The bodies keep piling up: From Kenya to Iraq, shocking images show how a wave of Islamist carnage has signaled a new era of barbaric terror across the world

  • Images of Iraqi men being shot dead in a ditch by ISIS militants shock world
  • Taliban insurgents hack off fingers of 11 men for voting in general election
  • Search continues for three Israeli teens kidnapped by Hamas in Palestine
  • Kenya attack happened as residents watched World Cup matches last night
  • Authorities have blamed al-Shabab, Somalia’s al-Qaida-linked terror group
  • Assault happened in Mpeketoni which is 60 miles from Somali border

Somali militants have shot dead at least 48 people after attacking two hotels and a police station in a small Kenyan coastal resort as locals were watching the World Cup.

The attack in Mpeketoni, which is about 30-miles southwest of the tourist centre of Lamu, came at the end of a weekend of bloodshed that has exposed the world to the shocking depravity of terrorists who appear emboldened by each other’s acts.

The string of bloodthirsty atrocities, spanning two continents from Kenya to Iraq, has raised the spectre of a new era of barbaric terror sweeping the globe.


ERBIL, Iraq — When Islamic militants rampaged through the Iraqi city of Mosul last week, robbing banks of hundreds of millions of dollars, opening the gates of prisons and burning army vehicles, some residents greeted them as if they were liberators and threw rocks at retreating Iraqi soldiers.

Iraqi troops beat back Islamist insurgents in several areas north of Baghdad on Saturday, as the U.S. moved an aircraft carrier into the Persian Gulf.

A battlefield stalemate between Iraqi security forces and their militia opponents persisted into a third straight third day Saturday. Besides some minor advances by Iraq’s military, it was largely quiet as Iraq’s government worked to rebuild the strength of armed forces left battered and humiliated by a startling series of victories last week by a Sunni militia known as the Islamist State of Iraq and al-Sham, or ISIS.

Fighting outside Tikrit, about 87 miles (140 kilometers) north of Baghdad, came as young men queued to join Shiite militias to fight the insurgents. Many of the men wereanswering calls by a prominent Shiite cleric and Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki this week for ordinary citizens to help repel the Sunni militants.

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Photos said to show jihadists executing troops…

Islamist militants in Iraq have boasted of slaughtering dozens of Iraqi soldiers captured in the fighting which has consumed the country in recent days.

Pictures posted on a militant website appear to show masked fighters of the Islamic State of Iraq and Greater Syria (ISIS) forcing captives to lie down in a shallow ditch.

Further photos appear to show the bodies of the men soaked in blood after being shot.

Vets watch as insurgents undo sacrifices…

Marine Sgt. Colin Archipley’s unit suffered heavy casualties in the savage house-to-house fighting against insurgents holed up in the Iraqi city of Fallujah in 2004.

Nearly a decade later, he watched in frustration from his organic farm north of San Diego as an al-Qaida splinter group seized control of Fallujah, Mosul and other Iraqi cities that Lima Company and other units risked so much to protect.

Iraq’s opportunity “was squandered,” he said. “I’m not sure what else we could have done.”

‘Died for nothing’…

“[His]mother just reached out to me,” he said. “It’s such a damn shame, it’s a mother’s worst nightmare: My son died for nothing.”

Dimond is now the General Manager of Dynamic Defense Systems, a defense company that develops specialized deployable ballistic barriers called McCurdy’s Armor, named for a fellow soldier and friend killed by Sniper Fire in the now overrun region of Fallujah.

BLAIR: ‘It would be worse if we hadn’t invaded’….

Tony Blair last night accused critics of the war in Iraq of trying to “wilfully” claim the current crisis in the country is a result of the original invasion.

In a 3,000-word essay, Mr Blair rejected claims that he was to blame, saying that if the West had not rid Iraq of Saddam Hussein, the crisis in the Middle East would be worse.
Iraqi soldier who fought with Americans says decision to flee left him feeling ashamed…


On Day Four of clashes in Mosul between encroaching jihadists and Iraqi security forces, two officers visited an outpost of the Iraqi 2nd Division’s logistics battalion with bad news: they said that all senior commanders had fled.

Stunned and confused, the men called headquarters and received the same information, that all officers colonel and above had abandoned their posts. This evaporation of the officer corps, followed quickly by the rank and file, gave wide berth to the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, the extremist group whose capture of northwestern Iraqi territories has brought the country once again to the brink of civil war.



Insurgent advance spreads in Iraq’s northwest


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