Venezuela devaluation and scarcity: Masses of people run crazy for food!!!

The media is hiding this!!! Venezuela is hitting bottom, I hope Argentina doesn’t follow...


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  • dingdong

    these videos are not a smoking gun. Anyone can create and shoot such videos and then write a byline to make it appear
    one way.

    • StayLiquid

      I agree. The shelves are completely full. This looks like a free giveaway of a certain product, or possibly that single product is scarce and being rationed, either way the people looked fat and happy.

  • anthony

    looks like there giving something away free you dont see a run on all food just what ever is in the yellow carton?

  • Javier

    Shame on you Investment Watch! Using these videos to report “Venezuela devaluation and scarcity: Masses of people run crazy for food!!!” is absolutely fraudulent!!! This leads me to ask, what else do you report that is misleading? You could go to any community in the USA and find this behavior whenever a store is offering a two-for-one, or a deep discount special on any valued item. I could have shown videos of black-Friday shoppers here in the USA and reported “US devaluation and scarcity: Masses of people run crazy for food!!!” Ugh!

  • Deborah Rodriguez

    I agree way too many relaxed faces. I have a connection with someone in Venezuela. I will find out from him and post the answer.

  • La Ardilla

    I had already seen bullshit from this website before. I will forward this to Venezuelan sites so they can have their say if they feel like it.

    And hands off Argentina: Argentina gets to print her own money, unlike S/M bank slave and executioner, USA. I feel sorry for ya, USA.

    The Axis of Evil were just countries with public central banks the Rothschilds/Synagogue of Satan did not control.

  • Zaharia H Hoyeru

    What a complete Joke this investmentwatchblog is and SHAME to Rivero linking to this!


    rivero is a jew………..his site is pure israeli/banker disinformation but unfortunately……most of the disinformation sites have better news that the mainstream sites, although you have to pick through the fema camp/chemtrail/UFO garbage to get to the good stuff…….we have to thank israel for all of these disinfo sites ( whatreallyhappened, rense, infowars, etc. etc.) otherwise we wudnt have some tidbits of truth


    the goal of disinfo is to discredit true stories by pairing them with obvious wacky stories like chemtrails,UFO’s, fema camp etc. etc.

    western media is a proxy for israel

    > if you want solid info GO TO :



    • anthony

      lol funny must be an alex jones fan