Venezuela would be a very well functioning state if it weren’t for private oligopolys, US propaganda and uneducated protestors blaming the government.

by GetSame

The US media and politicians are calling for intervention in Venezuela, mostly blaming its socialist government. Miraculously people fail to mention the most important issues and why they exist:

Food shortage:

Many critics blame the socialist system for the food shortage, saying the government doesn’t spend enough money on benefiting production firms. The US media depicts supermarkets in Venezuela as empty. However, this is a complete hoax. Abby Martin, an investigative journalist went to five different supermarkets in various districts of Caracas, Venezuela’s capital, all of them literally filled with food. Video

What can’t be found easily is certain stuff like toilet paper, napkins and diapers. A Venezuelan economist explains in the video linked above, that very specific items like those are only produced by 2-3 private companies and therefore controlled, with the target of persuading the people into believing the government can’t afford it. In fact, since 2013, 300$ billion dollars have been sent to importing firms.

Outrage over the government:

US media portrays the Venezuelan media as being completely controlled by the government. This is completely false. More than half of the printed media is outright anti-government and can be purchased anywhere. The same goes with the TV stations, less than 10% of them are owned by the government.

Let’s compare this to my country, Austria: About 40% of all news outlets are owned by the government while the viewer counts would probably be much higher. Would you consider Austria to be a dictatorship? A country that censors opposition?

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The government allows the opposition to protest at anytime they want, wherever they want. The police force is constantly in the line of duty, there are no excuses like we see in Erdogan’s Turkey like “the protest is cancelled because it endangers the security of the public”.

The opposition and the protestors are in an understandable position. They realize how costly it is to live in Venezuela, how strong the inflation is and further increases. What they don’t realize is that this would not have happened without currency manipulators in the black market. The current LEGAL exchange rate of USD to Bolivars is ~1:10. The ILLEGAL exchange rate at the black market ranges from 5-10 times as high, meaning a rate of 1:50 or even 1:100. That means if you exchange 100 dollars legally, you’d get around 1000 bolivars, while if you exchange illegaly you’ll get 5000-10000 bolivars. Not sure if I even need to mention this but this causes INSANE inflation. The opposition blames this on the government and the socialist system.

To me, this seems like the classic US way of destabilizing a country. We all know the US needs oil now, more than ever. Should the trade deal with Saudi Arabia not hold up, the US is in a disaster. Venezuela is one of the few countries that can still produce loads of oil. At this point, I am purely speculating: It seems like the US tried to make a deal with Venezuela, the Venezuelan government declined or wasn’t satisfied with the conditions. This means the US needs a reason to “help” the Venezuelan people and the best way to do this, and it is the way they have always done it, is to destabilize the government by fueling the hate of protestors. In the next few years we will probably see an “intervention” from the US which will result in a “gracious act to help Venezuela with some benefits for the US”.


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