VIDEO: Argentina “Huge” Meteor This Morning – 4/21/2013

According to witnesses on the ground, a large explosion was heard after the bright light appeared in the skies.

A meteor enlighted the sky of a big part of Argentina the night of 21/04/2013 at 03:30.
Locals claims they hear a big explosion and felt the floor shook after it fell down at some inhabitated place of Santiago del Estero.
Some windows broken but at this moment there’s no victims.


Similar to the Russian one. obviously not as large though.


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  • lucille

    Angels coming down to earth, being brought down. Woe to the inhabitants of the earth, for the devil is now amongst them. In the other realm, the spiritual, they are taking control over the earth and the minds of people all over the earth. WARS like never before are about to take place. Death and destruction follows, no one is safe. We are no longer covered by the force that kept us safe from these alien devils coming down to the earth.

    • carl

      Yes. The time is upon us. We must all stay strong and firm in Gods word if we are to make it through the events ahead.

      • Twoolf

        Its a Meteor, not demons or angels. Its just a stray space rock. Man, you folks need to get your nose out of the fantasy books and try some science education.

        • Aj Boesch


    • walter conell

      Wonder where they are going to hang out? Perhaps we can clip their wings when they aren’t looking?

  • Murdok

    The devils are already here and been here in the form or warring,greedy,albinos…Cursed be them!!!!!!!

    • shortturd

      fuc u, moron

      • walter conell

        Get a sense of humor. Some of it is true- sad to say.

  • Aj Boesch

    Angels? Serious? Wow they must be dicks then I mean that’s usually a pretty big explosion and usually kills many people upon impact… figure if they were ment to help man they would have a less harmful ride… wouldn’t the explosion damage their wings? Wait… why do they travel by meteor… if they have wings… ?

  • mytakeis

    Thanks for taking care of us! Can’t wait for y’all to announce yourselves