VIDEO: CHICAGOLAND: Thug punches out older man on train platform… ‘He laid the f–k out… knocked his ass out!’

Video of an elderly man being punched at the Chicago Avenue Red Line station, apparently in April, has fueled a police search for the victim and man responsible.

The video, recently posted at, shows an elderly man in a tan jacket wandering around passengers on the CTA platform. In the video, a group of teens is seen laughing and taunting the older man. A man, dressed in a black vest and hoodie, begins following the older man as the train approaches.

The train lets off passengers, and the younger man tries to get the older man’s attention. The two talk briefly before he suddenly punches the older man, knocking him to the ground on his back. The older man’s cap falls off in the blow.

Some teens in the group laugh and board the train. One of them mimics the punch, and as the train pulls away, a woman is seen checking on the man and calling someone on her phone.

The teen in the video has not been charged, according to police News Affairs.

Officers are looking for the victim, who was treated and released after the incident, to find out if he wants to press charges.

Source: NBC Chicago


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  • gabby05

    I keep hearing how we are all equal & no race is any better or more civilized than another -so why is it that every time I see one of these beat down videos it always seems to be black individuals violently out of control -there is a definate hardened core in the african american community that is mired in vicious crime with no sense of decent humanity -they also cost this country a fortune in police & correction facilities, social services, impregnating at will with no regard for the women or kids & off course all the expences associated with those kids that are ultimatly paid for by the hardworking white,black & yellow families of this country.

  • Jim

    The color of skin makes no difference. The problem here is the lack of fear of being shot for doing something so disrespectful! If enough good citizens carried guns and knew how to use them the punks would learn to straighten out or risk getting straightened out, like in a coffin.

    Take away the fear and you loose the discipline, at some point you will be left with an untrainable animal with no respect for others or ability to make proper choices.

    This is what always happens in a nanny state that doesn’t allow parents to use discipline on their children when they need it. No fear of retribution = No Respect.

  • Charly

    I knew before watching the vid that the thug would be a black man.