VIDEO: Police officer and Good Samaritan rescue trapped driver now charged with DUI

A 67-year-old man went from victim to DUI suspect in a water-filled rescue effort on the Edens expressway Monday night.

A car traveling northbound collided with another car near Willow Road around 11:30 p.m., said Assistant Northfield Fire Chief Tom Burke.

One car flipped over and landed in a watery ditch.

Another driver saw the accident and jumped into action.

“Basically, I was driving. Then, I saw something going on, so I stopped, and I pulled over to (the) curb, said eyewitness Victor Voskovsky.

“The car was flipped so I ran into the water really quick, and the door was closed on the left side because it was underwater in the mud. So I ran around and I opened it. The guy was basically underwater.” – Source

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