Violent Idiots: Architype Video

Video of an elderly man being punched at the Chicago Avenue Red Line station, apparently in April, has fueled a police search for the victim and man responsible.

The video, recently posted at, shows an elderly man in a tan jacket wandering around passengers on the CTA platform. In the video, a group of teens is seen laughing and taunting the older man. A man, dressed in a black vest and hoodie, begins following the older man as the train approaches.

The train lets off passengers, and the younger man tries to get the older man’s attention. The two talk briefly before he suddenly punches the older man, knocking him to the ground on his back. The older man’s cap falls off in the blow.

Some teens in the group laugh and board the train. One of them mimics the punch, and as the train pulls away, a woman is seen checking on the man and calling someone on her phone.

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The teen in the video has not been charged, according to police News Affairs.

Officers are looking for the victim, who was treated and released after the incident, to find out if he wants to press charges.


Another case study for review.
Crowded, public place. No one does anything.
As with many of these videos, not pleasant – cursing and some blood.

…Also may boil you over…
Not sure that this would be the type of situation that you draw steel, but this is the ‘architype’ I train to face… a maniac with absolutely no compunction, strength and numbers on his side and an absolute disregard for the laws of man or human decency.

Thoughts on what went wrong?
Positional dominance?
Situational awareness?
Pre-Fight indicators?



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