Vitamin D is the most important vitamin. There was a “mathematical error” when scientists calculated the daily value, and I believe sunscreen was a conspiracy to make people deficient.

by felix1988


Recommendation for vitamin D intake was miscalculated, is far too low, experts say:

I say the recommendation is still too low. If you think about it, the optimal dose of vitamin D would be whatever you are capable of making by spending some amount of time in the sun every day. After all, that is what our skin is designed to do. Our ancestors were outside in the sun every day. Consumption of vitamin D rich seafood also played a very important role in early man:

Today, we are cooped up indoors and our seafood is poisoned, therefore, we must supplement (or sparingly consume seafood low on the food chain due to bio-magnification of toxins).

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So, how much would our bodies produce if we acted like our ancestors? About 5,000 iu per day:

I bought a supplement that contains 10,000 per dose, which I take every other day. Don’t forget that getting sunlight for vitamin D is only effective late spring, summer, and early fall. Winter months will only give you UVA rays, which do not produce vitamin D. Don’t forget that most sunscreens only block UVB, the good sun rays.

Sunburn is caused by too much UVB. The reason you don’t get sunburn in the winter is because there is very little UVB. UVB is also responsible for vitamin D production. This is not an either/or scenario. You can get plenty of vitamin D production and get out of the sun before a sunburn.

My pain and depression are gone, so I thought I’d share this with you guys. Stay healthy!


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