Wake Up, America – Aka, “Obamacare Tax’ New Term: Shared Responsibility Payments


Aka, “Obamacare Tax’ New Term: Shared Responsibility Payments
Wake Up, America Poll 44% Aren’t Sure Obamacare Is A Law


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  • Dirk

    Wake up? Is that all there is to it? Ok I’m awake and so now everything is fine.
    It is sickening to hear this repeated over and over as if the words have some magic. Wake up people. Duh, yous peoples better wake up. Hey wake up there.
    Wake up and do what? What’s next? Is there a plan, a direction, a solution? Did I miss the meeting?
    You want someone else to wake up and fix everything for you while you sit in your armchair. So you you waste your time telling everyone else that it their responsibilty to wake up. Everybody isn’t going to wake up, so don’t count on them. Those that are awake have no plan, no leadership, no direction, no solution, and are waiting for everyone else to do something.
    So wake up to that!