Wall Street Computers on Auto Pilot – More deception and stupidity – Biggest Rally since 1996 – But there were real reasons for a rally then

In the late 90’s is when the dot.com business started to boom. Apple and Microsoft were doing great and developing their main products. The economy was doing great at that time. Even though a dot.com bubble was inflated and eventually deflated, many internet businesses continue to thrive and grow beyond the correction.

But today?

In an era of the internet, computers and robotics, we have nothing that drives the market in terms of creating jobs. Labor is less needed than ever and this won’t change unless we devolve back to stone age.
Instead, the internet replaces any form of physical retail needed in terms of retail space and employees. Computers replace people at registers and check in at airports and soon all other public transportation as well.
Robotics are being developed to perform precise surgeries, soon to replace surgeons. Physical libraries are disappearing, so are post offices, banks, travel agencies and many other business due to increases in mechanized and computerized efficiency making human labor unnecessary. Even cars are being built by robots. Schools are using computers to teach kids. And we should start to see more of this in the near future.

Bottom line, there is no way of creating new jobs sufficient to provide labor for everyone. labor is becoming increasingly unnecessary. The logical conclusion is that jobs for the masses are disappearing. MSM lies about recovery and the job market. Hours per person are being cut, so it appears as if more people are getting jobs, but it’s not true.

And if you looked at government jobs and any sector dealing with bureaucratic tasks such as health care, public, phone and insurance companies, they could use a complete overhaul to be made more efficient. At this time the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing. Here too, computers will soon make everything more efficient. This would be the time to think about a new system for society to function. Great thinkers before us predicted how leisure time would increase and could be used for studies and exploration of science, literature and the arts. This can only work if the governing sector cooperates and a system supporting the new reality is created. Instead they’re perpetuating an old and outdated model that is bound to collapse.

This is reality. Not what you’re made to believe on a daily basis about a recovering economy. Wall Street has nothing to do with this reality. The stock market is it’s own imaginary world where a few people push buttons for the benefit of a small percentage of society of greedy people. This game cannot and will not work out in the long run. The stock market is so manipulated and removed from economic reality that they can’t even stage a crash to take insider profits. It will crash on its own and it will pull everyone else who had nothing to do with the rigging of their game down together with the perpetrators. This surpasses any stupidity ever seen by humanity causing unnecessary chaos and suffering.


Maybe money will have to disappear altogether. Maybe basic needs will have to be declared human rights and distributed to all. People need to eat and live somewhere, but without jobs, there will be chaos. Our old belief system and economic model has to be questioned at large if we want to continue to function as society as a whole. We are applying an economic model in a time when this model is outdated and cannot work with all the technological advances today.
We can volunteer to realize this now and put our minds together to come up with solutions ot we can continue to be passive, to suffer because we all can feel that something is very wrong here and wait till it all breaks down to suffer more.
The first option seems smarter and more viable as the second option means overwhelming stress and destruction completely unnecessary. We have the means and brains to change directions and keep the ship from sinking now.


It’s not the typical cycle this time. It’s now peak doom crash and then something else so extensive and never seen before. It will not be possible to go back to the old boom, peak, doom cycle.




–Jobless claims drop to 332,000 last week
–Four-week moving average of claims drops to its lowest since March 2008
–Producer prices rise 0.7% in February on energy costs
WASHINGTON–A measure of jobless claims widely followed by economists slid to five-year low, the latest sign that the labor market is slowly improving.


In the last 5 years:

The Civilian Institutional Population rose 9.9 Million
The Labor Force rose 0.9 Million
Those Not in the Labor Force rose 9.8 Million
Employment fell by 2.3 Million
Full-Time Employment fell by 5.3 Million
Part-Time Employment rose by 0.9 Million
Unemployment rose by 4.5 Million
Food Stamp usage rose by 20.3 Million

Non-Workers to Workers

Let’s consider the ratio of workers to non-workers. Workers are those employed, non-workers are everyone else (the unemployed + those not in the labor force).

In the last five years, the number of non-workers rose by 14.3 million while the number of workers fell by 5.3 million.

In 2008, there were 144.6 million workers supporting 88.3 million not working.

There are now roughly 142.2 million workers supporting 102.6 million not working.

… In the year 2000, there were 1.78 workers for every non-worker. Now there are only 1.39 workers for every non-worker. Meanwhile, food stamp usage is up from 17.2 million to 46.6 million, and medical costs are soaring…

LIES, LIES, and more Lies. We all now how they get their numbers.

U.S. Stocks Climb on Jobless Data as S&P 500 Approaches Record

U.S. stocks climbed, sending the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index toward a record high, as jobless claims unexpectedly dropped last week.

Could it be that it’s just more people giving up and dropping out of the work force….?

“It’s a little bit more fuel on the fire,” Jeffrey Davis, chief investment officer at Lee Munder Capital Group, said in a phone interview. The Boston-based firm oversees $5 billion. “It’s been a long time since you’ve seen momentum both on the market and technical front being supported by economic fundamentals. In spite of the fact the market’s not as cheap as it once was, it’s looking like the rally should continue.”

Sure. It will go through the roof. Party on while you can…

What they fail to blast around in MSM is that personal income is down significantly, borrowing is up significantly (student loans, etc.), personal debt is increasing.

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The general trend is negative. The economic growth trend is down month over month on average for several months now. Shipping companies have mostly been forecasting lower margins and lower profits, and less activity, indicating less economic activity to drive their businesses, indicating less capital investment. Durable goods have generally been trending down, or going nowhere, consumer spending is down, consumer confidence in economy is down in spite of the propaganda.

Our jobs are trending HEAVILY part time instead of full time, and down in manufacturing. This shows a lack of confidence, bad forecasts in the longer term, etc.

Our economy is slowly decaying, and pretty much only the Fed is keeping us from being in a functional recession today by dumping Billions each month into the mix.

Here is a reality check for everyone who can put 2 and 2 together. MSM won’t put it in context for you of course…Census: Record 1 In 3 Counties Now Dying Off, Hit By Aging Population, Weakened Local EconomiesWASHINGTON — A record number of U.S. counties – more than 1 in 3 – are now dying off, hit by an aging population and weakened local economiesNew 2012 census estimates released Thursday highlight the population shifts as the U.S. encounters its most sluggish growth levels since the Great Depression.The findings also reflect the increasing economic importance of foreign-born residents as the U.S. ponders an overhaul of a major 1965 federal immigration law. Without new immigrants, many metropolitan areas such as New York, Chicago, Detroit, Pittsburgh and St. Louis would have posted flat or negative population growth in the last year.Our baby-boomers are retiring. They won’t save the economy. They need to get paid now for their retirement.
Good article (by Jon Talton):How high can the Dow go?If the Dow Jones Industrial Average closes higher today, it will mark the longest winning streak since November 1996. We’ve discussed before why the Dow is a highly flawed measure of the overall economy and even the stock market, but it still gets attention. What could possibly go wrong?1. It’s not a November 1996 economy, when unemployment was low, average American were seeing improved wages compared to the declines experienced since the late 1970s and the economy was highly dynamic. If you lost your job one day, you likely had another the next day. NAFTA had not begun its giant sucking sound. China was not in the World Trade Organization, playing by its own rules. The economy was not as financialized as today and banks were still relatively highly regulated. Americans were not nearly as in debt.

2. The market has been seized by lemming mentality and valuations are starting to detach from reality. Sure, some stocks are undervalued, but others are not. Bonds are producing little return, hence the allure of stocks — that could change.

3. Shocks will sink this market in a Wall Street minute. Among the potential black swans: North Korea really does it this time; China’s property bubble pops; growing dissatisfaction with Beijing’s response to pollution and inequality leads to civil unrest; a miscalculation in Asia leads to a hot confrontation between China and Japan (or Vietnam or the Philippines); the eurozone crisis heats up again; the Middle East blows up; Pakistan spins out of control; a terrorist attack.

4. The sequester starts to bite as government budget cuts lead to layoffs and cut into the profits of defense contractors….

Even MSM now starting to warn…Bear Market to Take Hold in 2013: ExpertA long term bear market is around the corner and will last until 2018with the Dow losing up to 30 percent of its current value, Kerry Balenthiran, author of “The 17.6 Years Stock Market Cycle”, told CNBC.

“My research identified long term 17.6 year secular bull and bear markets. We’re in a long term bear market. [But] there is a flip-side which is the commodities cycle. When they decline you get a strong bull market in stocks because input stocks go down. Butthis bear market will continue until 2018 with the Dow at around 10,000,” Balenthiran said.

He added that the rally currently taking place would continue for at least the next three months, but said stocks would start falling in October to November.
Will be sooner than that…

This applies to all MSM news turned propaganda machine:What you’re seeing from the media isn’t happy talk, and it’s not bias; it’s shamelessly dishonest propaganda — it’s the media nakedly saying, “The chocolate ration has been increased from 30 to 25 grams per week.”

How do you like these chocolate rations:

– Poverty’s increasing.
– Gas prices have almost doubled.
– The price of health care premiums has exploded and will only explode more (but-but-but Obama said…!)
– Poor and middle class incomes are falling.
– One-in-five Americans are on food stamps.
– The non-partisan GAO says Obama’s exploding deficit is unsustainable.
– Eight million people are looking for work.
– Our labor force has shrunk to thirty-year levels

Chronic unemployment hasn’t been this bad since World War II.
The long-term unemployment rate is over 14%.

When’s the last time the media talked about any of that? But what Economic Narrative does the media obsess over? Naturally, the only news that can be spun into wonderfulness for Lightbringer: Wall Street, baby!

Oh my, it’s a whole new world. Suddenly the media loves the idea of the rich getting richer. But why are the rich getting richer? It’s not the economy, stupid — it’s The Fed — pumpity, pumpity, pumpity pump. It’s nothing more than an ongoing boob job.

Welcome to 1984! War is peace, slavery is freedom, recession is recovery, debt is prosperity.

It’s Going To End Badly

Jim Cramer from CNBC: “We all know it’s going to end badly, but in the meantime we can make some money.” Thank you Mr. Cramer for telling us the truth about QE and our economy.

Stan Druckenmiller, Legendary Hedge Fund Manager, on CNBC 03/05/2013: “I don’t know when it’s going to end. But my guess is it’s going to end very badly.”

The media encourages us to believe that practically everything in our economy is either good or getting better. Another way of stating the media hype is “all of our problems will be solved through the combined efforts of our capable politicians coupled with the wisdom and competent management of The Federal Reserve.”

Seriously? Congress has a miserably low approval rating, for good reason, and the Fed is busy creating and pumping money into banks and the bottomless pit of government spending. Neither has much interest in small businesses or the average American.



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