Wall Street Flees Wall Street

Written by Scott Parkin

Wall Street is scared shitless.

They’d never admit it, but the way the big Wall Street banks are rapidly relocating their annual shareholder meetings from the concrete canyons of Midtown and lower Manhattan this shareholder season to points south, north and west means that fear is not only visible, you can smell it on them like retched dead sea life.

  • JPMorgan Chase moved to Tampa, Florida, home of a new burgeoning police state preparing for rowdy anti-Republican National Convention protests in August.
  • Citibank moved to Dallas, Texas, hardly a bastion of organized progressive or radical populations.
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  • Bank of America is bunkering down in Charlotte, NC, home of the other pre-political convention police state.
  • And Goldman Sachs, that giant vampire squid sucking on the face of America? They’ve yet to announce the details of their annual meeting. But odds are they won’t be within walking distance of Zucotti Park.

The return of Occupy Wall Street (OWS) has forced the Masters of the Financial Universe’s hand. Up until three weeks ago, pundits in the corporate media joined the political and business establishment in declaring that OWS was dead. The crackdowns coordinated by the Dept. of Homeland Security had systematically ended occupations from coast to coast. Corporate America was hoping to quietly return to the business of raping and pillaging the American public.

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