WalMart teams with ObamaCare to implement RFID chips

Walmart Installs Obamacare RFID Chip Scanning Health Machines

Walmart has rolled out and installed a new RFID chip reading machine called a SoloHealth Station. The station apparently is the latest manifestation of a changing infrastructure, one that will be tailor-made to usher in a “Brave New World” which some eagerly await while others warily view with caution and disapproval. Walmart and Sam’s Club have taken steps which appear to be making such a world a reality.

WalmartThe RFID devices and Walmart’s SoloHealth Stations are just some of the commercial and infrastructure changes which will be utilized in conjunction with the Affordable Healthcare Act. Information regarding RFID use in connection with the new healthcare legislation can be found in HR 3962 Section 2571 subsection (B) which discusses the use of Class II & III devices to be used alongside a “Medical Device Registry.”

Walmart Obamacare RFID Scanners in Virginia (video)