War With Syria Is Imminent And It’s All About Saving The Bankrupt Fiat Money System. Get Ready For Syrian False Flag On USA!

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War with Syria is imminent. It’s all about saving the bankrupt fiat money system. Andy knew it was coming. He never doubted it for a moment. Every currency in the world is plunging against the dollar. Inflation is being successfully exported. There’s all sorts of bad news on the horizon. Interest rates are headed higher and higher. But gold and silver are also climbing. Listen carefully to the intereview. It’s an important one. Major events around the world are about to kick into high gear.

REALIST NEWS – Get Ready For Syrian False Flag On USA


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  • Adam Jimbo Maradi

    Global Oil production peaked in 2005. The US empire and the West want to remaining oil reserves before the BRICK countries get them.

  • Spotted Dick

    Nothing to do with oil, or banking, they are side dishes. The real reason is the artificial creation, built on a lie, known as Israel, wanting to realise their religious delusions of a Ersatz Israel built on the ruins of whole civilizations. You have been going on about oil pipelines since 2001 and none have borne fruition, all that is happening is Israel’s enemies are slowly being eradicated, along with their cultures and heritage for shitty Israel to gain hegemony. It is part of Israel’s and the liberals dream to destroy all tribes, cultures, races and enforce mass immigration so no-one in the world has any heritage or ties to the land. They are also having a war on nature.