Warning: 3 Billion People Covet Your Gold

Guy Christopher, Goldseek, Released on 9/25/14

It has been said gold goes where it is best appreciated.  Rapidly rising wealth across Asia has Easterners in Turkey, Iran, Vietnam and China buying gold, saving gold, and using gold as money.

But for most Americans and many Europeans, gold is no big deal.  What’s the explanation for the East’s love of gold and the West’s nonchalance?  Importantly, what does this mean to you?

The answer is found in the histories of failed governments, shifting borders, changing flags, and collapsed currencies.   As governments crumbled over the centuries and currencies became worthless, confidence in gold and silver as true wealth was always the last man standing.  The descendants of those destroyed societies understand gold as no others can.

The United States and China are standout examples of polar opposite views toward gold.

The United States, a nation existing for only 238 years, has not suffered centuries of calamities.  Our history has often been violent and divisive, but we’ve held onto our borders, our flag, and our form of government.  And, we still call our money the dollar, although it’s no longer backed by gold.  In fact, there are allegations of U.S. government manipulation to keep gold prices suppressed.

China is one of the oldest civilizations, with 3,000 years of brutal, tribal conflict, as feudal dynasties fiercely outfought and outlasted each other for a couple of hundred years here and there.