WARNING: George Soros Is Putting A Put Call On The S&P 500 Betting That Its Going To Collapse

Here Is The Secret On The Economic Collapse

The middle east is in turmoil, the US government paid mercenaries are losing the battle in Syria, failure is imminent. To bring the war out of Syria they central bankers/US government is causing anarchy all across the middle east. The FED is confusing the markets and the stock market is dropping and gold is rising. Many retail outlets are showing a decline in revenue and Walmart which is the gauge of the middle class is reporting their sales are falling. Macy’s is also showing that sales are falling. George Soros is putting a put call on the S&P 500 betting that its going to collapse.

Bullion Baron: Where Are The Headlines For Soros’s $1.25 Billion Bet Against The Stock Market?

It’s 13F revelation time, and the headlines are full of news about big investor George Sorosgoing hot for Apple and dumping on gold in the second quarter. However, there’s something else in those numbers that should make investors sit up a little.

Possibly buried amid the Apple excitement is the fact that Soros Fund Management’s biggest position is a put on the S&P 500 ETF SPY -0.08%. Soros bought a put on1,248,643 SPY units in the quarter. A put option gives the owner the right to sell a specific amount of an asset at a set price within a set time, and generally means the investor expects that asset will go down in price.

So yes, as Bullion Baron and Whalewisdom point out, Soros is making a huge bet on the S&P 500 SPX -1.43% going lower.

Doing the calculations, the Baron points out that the SPY put position — relative to the total size of the fund — rose from 1.28% to 4.79% in the first quarter, more than tripling. It also went up 13.54% in the second quarter, nearly tripling again.

History has a story to tell about big calls from Soros and people should be paying attention, says the Baron blog:

“Soros reportedly made $1 billion betting against the British pound in 1992. We heard rumors of Soros making a $1 billion bet against the AUD (a position that has done well if true). We heard when he made $1 billion betting against the yen. Where are the headlines for his $1.25 billion bet against the stock market?” asks Baron.

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Trapped in a Web of Debt and a Derivatives Time-Bomb with Ellen Brown

And circling the economic news wagon, it turns out China and Japan aren’t “liking” Uncle Sam’s debt. That’s right, according to the US Treasury itself, its two largest creditor nations just dumped $42 billion of US debt — the most in years. Thank goodness for the Fed QE backstop — unless we take the tapering comments to heart. Don’t worry, Bernanke is bluffing.

Youth unemployment is above 16 percent in the US. And recent graduates are clamoring to get work experience– even if it means working for free. However, this trend of unpaid internships may have some unintended consequences for income inequality. Justine presents the case of unpaid interns. Then Bob talks with Ellen Brown, author of “Web of Debt” and more recently “The Public Bank Solution”. Finally Bob duels Thom Hartmann of the Big Picture on the current financial crisis.


Walmart Earnings Disaster Exposes a Collapsing Economy:

Walmart (WMT) reported earnings of $1.24 a share this morning on revenues of $116.2 billion. Analysts had been expecting $1.25 on $118.5 billion. Sales in stores open more than a year declined 0.3%. Walmart also guided lower for the full year citing a “challenging sales and operating environment.” The stock is off sharply and at risk of going negative for the last 52 weeks.

Those are the numbers, but not the whole story. Walmart is the thermometer of the American economy. Disregard the government data. Jobs and GDP and all the rest are at best inaccurate measures of the economy and at worst flat out corrupt. Walmart is capitalism writ large. The entire organization is focused on nothing but selling goods and services to Americans. It may be an empire in decline, but Walmart sells more than $1 billion worth of merchandise per day in a bad quarter.When Walmart misses estimates, it can only mean one of two things: either Walmart or the American economy is weaker than anyone thought.

Wal-Mart, Macy’s, Kohl’s Cut Profit Outlook; Cisco to Cut 4,000 Jobs, Blames Weak Economic Recovery
Warning: Netherlands real estate bubble bursts!

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