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WARNING! Global Confiscation of Bank Accounts Begins!

EU Said to Discuss Cyprus Capital Controls, Longer Bank Holiday
Moody’s cuts outlook for Canadian bank debt to negative over ‘bail-in’ regime
EU agrees banks’ bail-in deal
S&P warns of ‘bail-in’ dangers for lenders


  • Onster Capp

    Ted Turner is A ugly looking creature

    • mike

      well, gee whiz…how many mirrors have YOU broken ? You set yourself up as “fashion critic”…while totally ignoring the fact that you just ain’t all that…only in your little world. Are you even capable of addressing the topic at hand, or is the fashion industry in danger of imploding due to your momentary absence? You probably aren’t old enough to HAVE a bank account, hence your casual side trip down the tired path of adolescent angst.

  • Onster Capp

    George Soros is A ugly looking man Henry Kissenger is A ugly creature Davis Rockafeller is A cute creature Prince Phillips is A ugly looking creature

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